greyt Puppypaca!

This is a story about Jake. I found him at the local animal shelter. His mother was a golden retriever and his father was a one-night-stand. There was nothing really special about Jake, except that he captured my heart with his black markings on his ears and scattered throughout his fur. He had the cutest face.

I called the greyt spouse, who was working out-of-town and after much pleading and some tears he said I could adopt this puppy. Thus Jake became our golden mutt.

Jake is now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us. But before he passed I started saving his fur after brushing him, hoping one day I could have it spun into yarn.

Jake, the golden mutt!

So a few months ago I started  knitting with a group of ladies at my favorite yarn shop.  I met Marilyn, a fellow knitter and a spinner. We struck up a deal for her to spin Jake into yarn!

Marilyn and I have become friends over to past few months. She is a greyt lady and she has her own blog which she “spins the tail” of Jake turning into yarn! Visit “Putting on the dog” as

Puppypaca! 50% alpaca, 50% golden mutt. The green is Jaggerspun Zephry

So here is the finished product. Puppypaca, which is the name two greyt knitters (Marilyn and I) decided to call the finished yarn. Jake’s fur was not strong enough to stand alone. I decided to go with the softness of alpaca over wool. And there is enough to make a warm, fuzzy shawl.

You might be thinking that the color of the yarn is not the same as Jake.  What was spun was Jake’s undercoat which was a soft, downy, golden.

So Jake, you are going to become a shawl! The pattern I picked is called Reyna by Noora Laivola. This is a very open lacy weave and can be found at: It is also a pattern that I can adjust the number of rows of mesh and garter to make it my own.


This is what I have done so far. What do you think! The green  is some yarn I had from another project that was never started. It is JaggerSpun. 50%merino, 50% Chinese Tussah silk. Tussah, pronounced tus-sore, is just a silk from China. I did not find anything specific about it. It has a nice sheen and  helps to brighten up Jake a little.

So here is my first blog! I still have some things to figure out like how to highlight sites I mentioned.  I hope I can become more entertaining in the future. Maybe some jokes or a video of me singing? !?

I did promise greyhounds. So here is Vinny the Greyt helping me block one of my finished knitting  projects. The poor dog only has five other beds and napping spots!

Oh really, greyt mom, just chill. I’m only on it a little bit. Besides, it is taking up more space than I do!








4 thoughts on “greyt Puppypaca!

  1. Love your first blog, Deb! Fascinating to read about Jake and looking forward to seeing your work on the shawl progress!!


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