Greyt Hut Trip, Bad Meteor Showers

So the hut trip was a greyt  success. The greyt son and his wife want to make hut trips an annual event and have more family join us. Even the kiddies enjoyed it. Jack, who is nine, enjoyed the awesome views and thought the hiking uphill was definitely worth it. Avery, who is six, has not quite reached the age to savor the hard work and beauty of nature, although, she loved the wildflowers in her braids.

We were also joined by a couple of friends, Darryl and Ginger. I always enjoy their company.  They are wonderful people and I am lucky to have their friendship. Both have done a lot of hiking over the years and have greyt stories to tell. Ginger can also share trivia of the history of the trails and national forests. 

The Perseid Meteor Shower was suppose to be at it’s peak viewing, but was very disappointing. We did see some spectacularly comets, but it was nothing to meet our expectations. So instead of spending the night under the stars oohing and awing and freezing our toes off, we wimped out about 1:30 a.m. for the comfort of a bed and warm cabin.  Darryl tried meteor viewing with me a couple of years ago. It was cloudy and a bit rainy. We decided future hut trips will not be planned around the Perseid. Maybe I need to do more research to find the peak viewing spots of 60 to 100 per hour. Although, you would think that an elevation of 11,000 feet in the greyt Rocky Mountains would give more than just a handful. 

I love taking pics. I have been known to take several hundred pics and slow hiking and site seeing down.  It seems every one is very patient with my picture taking. Or maybe I do not hear their grumbling. But it has been worth it, over the years I have acquired several greyt pics. 

I managed to do a little knitting. As I have said knitting is like mediation to me. Imagine,…sitting on a porch of a small hut, surrounded by purple wildflowers, bees, blue sky, white puffy clouds and no sound but that of the bees, mosquitoes and clicking knitting needles. I meant to take a pic of my progress, but forgot, so I did one in my yard. 

Upon my return I was greeted by the greyt Vinny and his little furby, Toby. There were whines, howls, barking and, tails flying and toys offered! It’s nice to know they missed me as much as I missed them. I think the greyt spouse, who could not join us this year, even missed me. I know he enjoyed seeing all the pics and being part of the greyt outdoors.

One thought on “Greyt Hut Trip, Bad Meteor Showers

  1. What a greyt hike!! I laughed at people having to wait while you take pictures; when science teachers hike people have to wait while they key out and identify plants, rocks, animal tracks, collect samples, and chase birds. Kind of exhausting. 🙂

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