Greyt Daughter

This week one of my  greyt daughters had a birthday. I won’t mention the “A” word, (age), but as can be seen from the following pics, a lot of time has passed.

Sheri came into my life when she was 11 years old and  I married the greyt spouse, her father. That summer she came to live with us full time, along with her sister and step-brother.

That's Sheri on the far right. Note what's above her sister's head. Disneyland vacation.
Over the years I have watched Sheri grow into a beautiful and confident young woman. As a teen she received a Congressional Medal of Honor. As an adult she received two bachelor degrees, one in business and the other as a Registered Nurse. Since I am also a nurse, I like to think I had some influence on her decisions. 

Sweet Sixteen
If I had to use one word to describe Sheri it would be,… ______.  Wow, how can you use one word to describe a person.  Sheri often worked two jobs to accomplish her goals in life. She has high expectations from herself. She is very loving and caring. She does not give up easily. The word strong comes to mind.

One of my favorite memories is of Sheri around the age of 13 and it was Mother’s Day. All the previous week I had been receiving little notes to expect something exciting in the near future. That Sunday morning I lay in bed with the greyt spouse and could hear noises coming from the kitchen. The greyt spouse informed me I was to stay in bed and not investigate.  Later I heard this great noise on the stairs, not just someone falling (my bedroom was on the lower level of the house), but also a greyt crash. There was a pause and then I heard a door being slammed. I ventured to the stairs to discover pancakes, eggs and bacon scattered about and orange juice decorating the walls. Sheri was in her room, tearful and embarrassed.  I don’t remember what I said that morning to Sheri, but I do remember how special she made me feel. After all I was just a step-mother and felt like I was a failure at that  most days. But she was telling me in her own way that I was okay and she went to a lot of effort to make me feel special.

Sheri and I have had our ups and downs over the years, as any family does. I like to think there have been more ups then downs. I believe the downs have made us stronger. Looking back over the years, I wish I could have done many things different. But I did try and so did the kids and I think that counts for a lot.  We did not give up on each other. I do not refer to the girls as my step-daughters, I call them my daughters and they call me mom.

So Happy Birthday to one of my greyt daughters. Luv ya, and am looking forward to many, many years together making new memories. 

P.S. Sheri’s birthday was last Sunday. I’m a little late getting this posted.

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