Scarves, Shawls and a greyt Daughter visits.

This has been a busy summer. Lots of knitting completed. More to complete and much more waiting to be started.

I knit until I go to bed at night. Sometimes I resent that I am feeling tired, making mistakes and have to stop for the night.  I also resent that housework interferes with my knitting time. I resent running errands when I could be knitting. I resent most anything that interferes with my knitting time. I can’t wait to come home, jump in my favorite chair and pick up my needles and start clicking away.

Is this an addiction? Maybe I should join a support group. Oh wait, I did. I knit every Wednesday at a knit shop. Awesome, more yarn to browse through and imagine what I could make with it. I love touching it, rubbing it between my fingers, touching it on my cheek to see how soft it will be. I think having a support group in a knit shop is an excellent idea. Why spend time buying something to knit on your own, only to find out it is not working. In my knitting group, I can ask the ladies what their opinions are, so that I can make the right choice. I can also see what they are making so I can decide if I want Marilyn’s project to be my next or if I would rather do what Petra is doing, then there is Jean’s project. I know,…I’ll do all three! Now that’s a greyt idea.

Whoops! Got distracted from scarves and shawls. Just call me Dory. Dory?…ya know, from Finding Nemo.

I have made three scarves and two shawls this summer, a baby sweater and one x-mas gift. I have started a summer sweater and have two shawls as WIPs. I also have a sweater coat I started two winters’ ago that I really want to find time to finish and a birthday gift I need to start and have finished by mid September, (good thing she is little and just turning two!) And, of course, so much yarn  for future projects. Oh, did I mention I bought a table loom. Ooh, just think of the yarns and different textures I can put together weaving! Yeah, now when can I work that in!
Okay, back to scarves and shawl.

This scarf is called Diane by Rosemary (Romi) Hill. It is made in sections which is nice, you add/delete as you like. Because my gauge always turns up short I added one more section, which worked out perfect! The yarn is Crazy Zauberball by Schoppel. It has large sections of color so the scarf has a greyt color scheme.

This scarf is called Diane by Rosemary (Romi) Hill.  Yarn is Crazy Zauberball by Schoppel. Pattern called for nine sections, but because i knit a little tight I did 10 sections, and it workd greyt.This is greyt daughter Sandi. She lives in Phoenix, so it is hard to find knits for her. She works in an office so scarves and shawls work for her.

This is Sandi, the oldest of the greyt kids, visiting from Phoenix. Living in Phoenix makes it harder to come up with knits for her. But she works in an office so the scarves will make a greyt accent to her clothing.


This shawl is called Easy Peazy by Megan Delorne. I downloaded from Ravelry. I used a Malabrigo Rios, color Purpuras. One of the ladies in my knit group loved it so much she bought the same pattern and yarn to make one for herself.




This the the greyt daughter, Sheri, and the shawl is perfect for fall and winter months. She lives in Boulder. The color allows it to be worn with multiple outfits.

This shawl is called Imagine When. I used 3 Irish Girls Adorn Sock yarn. The color Star Light Star Bright is a beautiful hand dyed yarn with subtle variations and it was really fun to make. Again, I modified this pattern by adding addition repeats in section two to make sure it would be deep and long enough.Then followed with repeats in the other sections.

I love the design of this shawl. I even had a chance to model it for the ladies in my knit group. I make have to make one for myself.


This scarf is called Scalene and I found it on can vary the color scheme and different ways to wrap around your neck.

This is the greyt daughter-in-law, Heidi. She’s a little camera shy at the moment. The blues do not show up in the pic well. I used Madelinetosh, Tosh Merino Light and colors are Astrid Grey and Rain Water.

Now this scarf if from Coloration, Sweet Little Nothing. It comes as a kit complete with yarn, beads and instructions. When I finished the scarf to model for the greyt spouse, he gave me the oddest look. “I thought you had a snake skin around your neck,”he said. I give him the oddest look and think to myself, “now where would I find a snake skin!”  What’s your opinion, scarf or snake skin.🐍

We all know how hard it is to get that one greyt family  shot. Either someone has their eyes’ closed, or they were not ready. Some one is talking to their kids to look at the camera, while another child is looking bored instead of smiling. No wonder professional photographers cost so much. They not only have to be patient while taking dozens of shots for your family, but for the next three families, whose kids are not as well behaved as yours. HOWEVER,…….

Family  potrait. Sorry that we are missing Sandi's greyt spouse and two greyt sons.

So this is the greyt family. Missing from the pic is Sandi’s greyt spouse and two greyt sons and the youngest greyt daughter, Erin.


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