Greyt Puppypaca completed and new site changes

AWESOME ! !  The Puppypaca Shawl is complete. In my first blog, greyt puppypaca, I told you  how Puppypaca came about.  You can read about the making of the yarn at Marilyn, knitter, blogger and spinner of puppypaca  has since become a good friend of mine. She did a greyt job of spinning. I know she spent a tremendous amount of time cleaning up the doggy down and alpaca from dirt, hay  and other debris along with hours spent spinning. 

The puppypaca is 50% dog down and 50% alpaca. Marilyn spun it at DK weight and got about 480 yards, which I used every inch of including a sample she spun for me to see what the finished yarn would look like.  I added the green for accent. It is Jaggerspun Zephry lace weight, which I used two strands to knit. The pattern is Reyna by Noora Laivola and can be found on Ravelry. I made some modifications to the pattern by doing my own varied mesh/garter pattern. I think it turned out greyt and adds greyt contrast.

I love this shawl. It will be seven years on Halloween that Jake passed. Jake was a sweet quiet dog. When I would hug him he would lean into me like he was also hugging me. If I changed sides, he would lean the other way and turn his head into you. Wearing this shawl is like Jake is still hugging me.  Thanks so much Marilyn for giving me something so special and for being my friend!

                 NEW BLOG LOOK! !

I have spent hours trying to set my own web page, experimenting with different themes and just trying to figure out stuff. I went in blind, knowing absolutely nothing about blogging or setting up a site. It has taken precious time away rom my knitting! !  However, I do like a challenge that I think I will like doing.
I have also sent and received several emails from WordPress on trying to make my site easy to follow.  I have had widgets that I could not remove while on my iPad, but could do with a click on the laptop!  (Go figure!) I have added, rearranged, deleted, and again rearranged multiple times until late at night. I cannot count the hours lost trying to get a comment box added to each of my blogs, so I can get feedback from viewers only to be told by WordPress in order to do that I will have to change my theme. Gee, thanks for the help! Also, my fellow blogger Marilyn keeps asking me where is my ‘dashboard’? Who know’s, I don’t.  Soooo,…

back  to the drawing board. More hours spent looking at themes, wondering if it will meet all my needs. I don’t think I am asking for too much. I just want it simple but appealing, easy to view, and have everything I want where I want it. Really, I am not trying to set up a corporate site. I’m just a silly retired lady who likes writing and especially loves showing off her knitting projects, dogs, family, garden and anything else she can think of. Remember kindergarten and grade school it was called ‘show and tell’, loved it!

So,, what do you think of the new look? Did you notice the new site logo? Pretty cool, huh?

Hope you like the new look and that it is easier to navigate. Please leave comments to let me know what you like and any changes you can suggest.


2 thoughts on “Greyt Puppypaca completed and new site changes

  1. I’m so happy that the shawl came out looking so greyt! How much fun it was to be involved in such a meaningful project. I love, love, love the yarn with the green, and it looks so nice on you. Happy day!!


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