Retirement brings greyt friends, another scarf complete and a frazzled greyt

Since I have retired, I have made more friends than I have had in my entire lifetime. But what’s more important I can tell these are friends that will be around for years to come. They are not like the not-so-good choices I made when I was younger.

The greyt spouse and I have made greyt friends with neighbors on our cul-de-sac. Actually, we sit on our front porch facing the cul-de-sac, watching our neighbors come and go. Our dogs are beside us as we read and knit.  A couple of weeks ago we had a block party. The neighbors do a greyt job of organizing it and providing greyt fun for the kids (water balloons, canned string). We all chip in and bring food and drinks. The block party has become a tradition and is in its’ 7th or 8th year. It is a greyt way to wind down the end of summer and catch up with ones we don’t see as often. 

The greyt spouse and I walk our dogs daily and have made other friends in the hood that also have dogs. We now get together with four other couples every 4-6 weeks for game night. No, not the game night that involves touchdowns and concussions. This is game night where there is no TV involved.  We take turns meeting at each others’ homes, eating greyt food, catching up with each other, and we do a LOT of laughing. We have played Mexican Train with Dominos, Pictionary, Taboo and Family Feud. It is always fun to see what the next game will be. We just had game night last weekend, unfortunately I did not think to take pics. Next time. 

Last, but not least, is ladies night in and other nights with the ladies. A few neighbors and friends get together for munchies, girl bonding and most important,… WINE! I did remember to take a few pics but only after we had had a few glasses of wine so they are fuzzy around the edges just as we were! The Ladies of the Sac have also gotten together for pool/hot tub parties and paint night. We have even included the spouses for a couple of progressive dinners.

And I have my weekly ladies knitting group and have found good friends with these ladies. I think that will be my next blog!.

I am so fortunate to have finally find greyt friendship.


Ladies of the sac get together for paint night 

I finished the Let’s Get Lost scarf. Pattern can be found on Ravelry. I used Hedgehog hand-dyed sock yarn. Not sure if I will keep this one for myself or give to someone. 

Yes, I know. I make a greyt model!
Does that far away look work?
Okay, I can do that far away look, too!
Plz, don’t make me model again. I really did not like it.

Finally, a night of much needed rain along with thunder. Poor Vinny, hates thunder. He shakes uncontrollably, drools, hyperventilates, paces, and tries to hide.  His greyt parents are at a loss, because there just is no consoling him. Wish we could put sound proof ear muffs on him. We were lucky, just down the road there was tremendous hail and flooding. 


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