Restarting a WIP

WOW! Picking up a work in progress after sitting dormant for two years is not easy. Now complicate it by having made modifications to the project and not understanding my notes, (which were very clear at the time I made them)!

 The modifications came about because I have gauge issues.  I knit snugger than the usual knitter. That’s a nice way of saying I knit tight. However, my stitches do not feel too snug on the needle. I found out if I try to back off and knit looser, my stitches are not even and my work looks like a beginner.  

So I brought home several single skeins of yarn in search of the one that will give me the right gauge and are now in the bins downstairs and may never be used. I finally found the right yarn, needle size and gauge for stitches per inch, and asked my favorite yarn store to order enough in the same dye lot. I don’t mind increasing needle size and have done so on many projects, but more than one size often results in projects that are too loose and lose their shape easily. 

At last, I started my project. I carefully read instructions and reach the desired bind off for the underarm only to find out my project is lacking in length, by a lot. So even though stitch per inch is correct, rows per inch is sadly short.  No problem, I just keep knitting until I reached the length required. This was no problem with sleeves and the the two fronts, which were done in seed stitch. But as I was merrily doing the back, which has a very detailed chart, I realized that I need to lengthen the back accordingly without messing up my pattern. So I set it aside to think for a bit.  Ugh! Remember, this was two years ago. 

So I am feeling brave today and start counting and measuring. I can do this! Yes, I can! I can figure out my old notes, I just have to think for a bit. I even find my stitch counter so I know exactly which row  I stopped at. 

Wow! That was easier to figure out then I thought it would be. Silly me for putting it off for so long.

So with my calculations rechecked in triplicate  I need to add another 50 rows to the back to met the front  measurements. That’s a lot, but the sweater does go almost to the knees and my row measurements are short on all my projects, not just this one. I am ready to start knitting but then realize I am almost halfway to the underarm decrease. That means I need to add 50 rows in the next 25-30 rows and not mess up the beautiful pattern. That ‘s just not going to happen, especially when I look again at the chart and the full page of chart abbreviations.

WOW! dig these hieroglyphics!

So let’s think some more. Do I really want a knee-length sweater coat? Yes. But let’s get back to reality, that is not going to happen. So, I will save myself days of headaches and just make the back according to the pattern, adding a few extra rows at the raglan decrease so it does not fit too snug in the underarms. And have a super cool jacket length sweater coat. It will be easy to rip out the seed stitch front panels back to the original row count and then adjust the raglan decrease accordingly.

WOW! I hope I have thoroughly thought this through! ? After all I do call myself ‘the greyt knitter’. Okay, time to come down from the clouds and remember it is just a play on wording. ‘The greyt knitter’ has a better sound to it then ‘the greyhound knitter’! ! 

Peter, the white peacock, belongs to our neighbors.

So while the greyt peacock struts about for all to see, there comes a time in his life,  after he looses his feathers for the season, that he just ends up looking like one of the girls.

I’m sure there is a lesson in that, but I have already done way too much thinking for one day.


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