Greyt Vinny and his beds

Greyhounds are boney dogs. They have very little fat or padding. Therefore they need a soft spot to lay. None of the greyhounds that have shared my life would be caught dead laying on a bare floor of wood or tile. There must be at least a rug between them and the hard floor. However,  just a rug is rather insulting to a greyhound.

Our Vinny has multiple beds, just count them, . . . 
I let our first greyhound sleep on the bed with me at night. This is not a mistake  I made the second time.  When greys take their share of the bed, they most always stretch out their full length and spread their legs across the bed. There is no curling up in a cute ball for a greyhound, no sirree. Even in a king size bed you are likely to find yourself on the very edge while your greyhound has the remainer of the bed.

This is were he sleeps at night.
The office bed, greyt for morning naps.
Tried the back of the sofa a couple of times. But getting comfortable can be a little dangerous!
Good grief, he even has his own pillow!
Vinny’s daytime bed is greyt for afternoon naps.
This giant comfy bed is next to the toy basket , a window he can look out and close enough to the chair of the greyt spouse for the occasional pet.
The front porch is a greyt place to take up guard position, between the occasional naps.

And of course the back of the SUV is loaded with old soft blankets for those road trips.

The bed with the Disney blanket and the one next to the toy basket are beds I made. If any of you have priced dog beds, they are not cheap, especially for larger dogs, and they can be lacking in comfort. And it is important for the grey to be comfortable.  So I have been making dog beds for several years.  I can make the bed big enough for our greyts to lay on and of course they have plenty of stuffing. I found a place on the internet that I can get shredded foam. I stuff an old sheet with the foam. Then I cover this with a mattress pad that can be removed and washed.  Lastly the cover is also removeable for washing.  Just a couple of shakes daily will fluff it up again and it is lightweight  enough for transport. 

AND LAST IS MY KNITTING WIP – Work-in-progress

More info coming soon. (Also, just finished the last WIP and will it will be ready for show-n-tell soon)


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