To a Greyt Son


You were laying in a bed that was decorated with Raggedy Ann and Andy. I had sewn the bed cover and the bumper guards. There was wall paper that had trains, planes and cars around the room. It was your first night home and you were fed, your bottom freshly powdered and diapered and we were ready for a good night’s sleep. At least I was, you had a different idea. Quiet fussing soon turned into unbearable screams as I tried to figure out what was wrong. Darn, the hospital forgot to send the instruction booklet home!

Six months and the cutest smile!
There was no instruction book,. . . double darn! And so our journey began, through untraveled highways, streets and unmarked roads.

One of my fond memories of Clint happened in about 3rd or 4th grade. At dinner, he told me he was learning about the flag and that there were 50 stars on the flag, one for each state. He was so proud telling me this. Then he started telling me that back when I was little, and about his age, there were only 13 stars in the flag. Well, at least he had the basic idea. Just need to work on time perception.

There are more cute memories, but I will not embarrass Clint with the public details. Those have been saved for more special family times.

The journey has been full of surprises. Choosing the right turns in the road is a 50/50 chance. But how you find your way to the right path is the important part.

Still in contact with old friends, says much about the friends you choose.
Sorry Clint, could not resist the mullet!
Little sis, Erin, loves when Clint walked into a room. She definitely looks up to her bit bro!
The night before induction with big sis Sheri
Home!, from boot camp!

I am a strong believer that we are shaped by the choices we make. And I believe they make us stronger and better.

Eventually we find ourselves on that unique tree-lined boulevard that is covered with beautiful flowers, and the trees are tall and sturdy, and right then you know the journey you took was worth it to reach this point.

WOW! Look how far you have come!

When we start the the journey of parenthood, we never know how it will turn out, we just try out best. Clint has grown into an amazing young man that I am very proud to call my son. He has an greyt job and an awesome family.

So a very happy and belated birthday to you, Clint. I think the bond we share today is saying that we did a lot of things right along the way and I am looking forward to the journey ahead!

Oh, by the way, I did find out why you were crying that first night. You were hungry. Silly me, I tried to tell you it was too early (only an hour and a half had passed). But you made it clear, you were not interested in time schedules.

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