I’m a weaver!

So, I have a friend, Marilyn, who is a bad influence on me, (but only in a good way). I met Marilyn at the knitting group I go to on Wednesdays. You have heard me speak of her before, she spun the puppypaca yarn for me. Marilyn also is a blogger and a weaver. She is responsible for my blogging and now for my weaving. I seen some of her weaving on her blog sight and thought,.. .”Hey, this might be fun!”

Last month Marilyn and I took a trip to Ft. Collins with our knit group and checked out some great knit shops. Wow, we both spent more money they we planned, but then it is for knitting and what better to occupy our time then knitting. One of the shops we went to also sold looms. I had already talked to Marilyn and received her expert advise about which kind of loom would be good for what I want to do. So of course, I left the shop with a loom and a weaving book in hand.

I have read most of the book and have a good idea of what to do and have been familiarizing myself with the terminology. Warping, wefting, beading and the list goes on and on. Knitting also has it’s own terminology, something I will be blogging about soon.

So this is from ny first lesson.

I have warped the loom and am now separating the threads from slots into holes.
smoothing out the threads and tying to the bottom thingy (forgotten new term) to create tension
the weft is the crosswise ribbon.
Beading the weft or cinching the crosswise ribbon

My first project are scarves for the granddaughters. Actually, I was able to warp the loom (the black yarn) for two scarves. The second will be a different type of ribbon. I did 15 inches for my first class and only have 35 inches more to go (for one scarf)! And I am using yarns from my stash of unmade projects to learn. How frugal of me.

I think I am going to enjoy weaving! Thanks Marilyn. Next it is time for me to introduce you to lotion, soap and lip balm cooking!


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