WIP,  DONE ! ! Along with a new shawl

Two years in the making, but I think it was worth completing.  I gave you a lot of the details in a previous post, ‘WIP’ and you can find complete details and modifications are on my Ravelry site at http://www.ravelry.com. I am known as ‘frazzldknitter’.  Note the spelling,  there was already a frazzledknitter.

I think the buttons are awesome! They are real twigs of wood!
I hate wearing coats, they are bulky and uncomfortable and  I get too hot wearing them. This sweater coat should be perfect for most types of weather for me, but I am in no hurry to start wearing it. I am much happier with just a bit of cool and then I can wear shawls!

A couple of months ago I bought this kit of yarn. It had five different yarns and textures. The yarn is from Cat Mountain and made locally in Colorado. While browsing Ravelry one day I found this shawl pattern called, Bermuda, knitted with lots of short rows and knew I had found the perfect pattern for this yarn.

To make sure I would have enough yarn (there was only a total of 500 yards with the kit and I did not want to skimp on the size) I decided to do the eyelet rows with a single yarn contrast. To accent the eyelet a little better I did the before and after garter rows with the same contrast yarn. That yarn came from my stash. A greyt match and idea, because I did not have to buy more yarn. Also,  the gold rows (my own modification) are a combination of a couple more of my stash yarns. I did buy one more skein of yarn, to add a lighter contrast, but only used it in a couple of short row sections. Complete details are on Ralvery. The project is called, ‘Colorado Short-row Shawl’.
I have shown the shawl to several people and the first thing they comment on is the eye catching short rows. Another pat on the back for the greytknitter!


4 thoughts on “WIP,  DONE ! ! Along with a new shawl

  1. I’m just dying of envy over that coat! OK, I actually thought about ripping out a sweater coat I have to reknit it in this pattern. So beautiful! I can’t wait for the cold weather so I can see you wearing it to knitting group.


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