I just spent 4 days with two of my greyt grandkids and the grand dog!  We had school, homework, golf practice, soccer and flag football practices, soccer and football games, a day of no school,bowling and chasing a lab!  Wow, I am exhausted!

Jack got to ride for the first time in papa’s corvette. Papa just got it back from the shop and now it is street ready.

Smashed hot dog buns work greyt for toast after the dog raided the pantry the night before and ate the last of the bread. I sent the kids to find more bread in the garage freezer, but there was none. So I improvised! Later I found out from mom, the bread is in the indoor freezer. Oh well, it was fun smashing the buns.

Yum! Yogurtini after bowling!
  1. I used to bowl all the time in high school. I could play for hours. I had a friend named John and we would take his little brother Kerry with us. At that time,  Kerry was the age that my grandson Jack is now. Wow, that was a so long ago! This makes my third time bowling since high school. I actually did pretty good, the ball went straight most of the time, I even got a couple of strikes.  The problem is a bad knee that makes it difficult to do the pose and on the other leg, achilles tendonitis, that has persisted for over a year now. I am very happy there was no one there to video me, I’m sure I looked pretty sad wobbling to the line.Next time I think we should go roller skating. There are no deep knee bends involved, as long as I take it slow and don’t fall. Skating, wow, that is something else I have only done a couple of times since high school. Having grandkids brings back  some fun times and memories. I just hope my aging body holds out. Did I mention that I have two more grandkids that are even younger? I’m sure they will come up with some interesting acrobatics activities for us to do together.

This is Daisy. Daisy was lucky enough to be adopted by my son and his family a couple of years ago. I think her name should be changed to Pia, you know,  short for P.I.A.  Lucky for her she is a sweet and affection soul.  But,. .  . she is a lab and for those of you familiar with labs, they remain in puppy mode for several years. It is like caring for a busy toddler, who wants to play (all the time) and wants your devoted attention (all the time)!

Daisy loves games. Fetch is one of her favorites. If you don’t get the hint and throw the squeaky beer bottle, she will get in your lap so you will get the idea. She whines to go out the patio door. Big mistake to give in and let her out (she has a doggy door if she really needs out). She then barks to be let in. Only she does not want to come inside. As you open the door, she runs back into the yard and hopes you will chase her.  Whine, bark, repeat until she can be bribed to come in with a doggy treat.

Daisy, you follow me everywhere I go in the house and rest at my feet. Yes, you have won my heart and yes I will keep you from being sent to the kennels and sit for you again. Oh by the way, she is not suppose to be on furniture. Yeah, . . . right!

I did manage to get a little knitting done. So, stay tuned.



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