I have some good new for those of you who would like to leave comments about my blog but do not because you are afraid of unwanted solicitations in your email.

I talked to WordPress, who is the host of my blog to make sure I am giving you correct information.

You better be right about this greytknitter

Emu Earl, I did save a copy of my chat with them, in case it is needed for further reference.

When you want to leave a comment on my blog, you are taken to a site through WordPress to enter your email. This allows you to not only leave a comment or like my blog, but to be notified by email only when I post my next blog.

WordPress does not share you email address with third parties. And you will not receive any notifications from WordPress as long as you check (or uncheck, I not sure which) the appropriate boxes for the type of notifications you would like or not like.

That is greyt news!

So, I hope this makes you feel more comfortable about leaving comments. I would love to hear from my friends. I want to know what you like or not like and suggestions for a more entertaining blog.

So, let the comments roll, baby!

I hope this helps. If for any reason you start getting solicitations from WordPress, please let me know and I will sic Grumpy Griz on them!

Oh, Griz, I think we should try to whiten those teeth!

THANKS to the residents of Cheyenne Mountain Zoo for helping me write this blog!

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