Greyt Fall, Halloween, and Knitting

This fall seems to be more spectacular than usual. I was sitting on our front porch yesterday with the greyt pooches, knitting and  admiring our blaze maple. The sun was hitting it just right. There was green and yellow leaves along with orange and the final blaze color. I took this pic, but it is rather shameful compared to what Mother Nature was sharing. I just don’t have the right knack for photography, although, I do get lucky every once in a while.

This fall has been unusually warm, with some days hitting the 80’s. I’d prefer it to be a bit cooler, but I don’t want to complain.  We have greyt weather here in Colorado. We are lucky and do not have to worry about extreme weather conditions like what is hitting different parts of the US.  We have the occasional hail and even fewer tornados. However, we do have to worry about the human disasters hitting our forrest lands with fire.

I LOVE decorating for Halloween!

Notice Gruff the dog’s collar. The neighbors were complaining about his midnight howling. So I had to fix that.

I love adding little details. On Halloween, I will have a light buried in the flowers.

For the past four years, I have been on the front porch passing out candy. I especially love the little ones, they are never sure what to expect from me. I reassure them with smiles and talk softly and explain that I am a good witch because I am giving them candy tonight. For the older ones I have perfected the ‘cackle’. I mean, I have really perfected the ‘CACKLE’. Friends are amazed. Maybe, I should send a recording to Hollywood and see if I can start getting paid for it.

Friends ask me every year if I am going to do a repeat performance. Even the parents walking their kids compliment me. Wow, I think I have become a neighborhood celebrity on All Hallow’s Eve!

I finished the Rivers Wrap. I really like the colors, perfect for fall!

The greyt spouse said he liked it, but thought maybe I was getting too many and would not know which one to wear. Too many? !  Silly Spouse! Wraps, shawls and scarves are like shoes. You have the have the right color and style to go with what you are wearing.

You can find the details about this wrap on my Ravelry page, frazzldknitter.


One thought on “Greyt Fall, Halloween, and Knitting

  1. Wow! Your Halloween decorations really put mine to shame. I have a talking pumpkin and a spider that I have been using for at least 10 years…

    I love, love, love that wrap. It is just fabulous. I am once again struck with yarn envy.


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