My garden this year has been extremely fruitful. My neighbors have been greytful  recipients of tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and giant zucchinis. My recipe box is overflowing with different ways to cook, bake and fry zucchini.  My freezer is full of grated zucchinis and skinned tomatoes.

Finally the zucchinis are done in the garden, but the tomatoes just keep coming.  We have had an unusually warm fall, so I have been able to let them ripen on the vine.  I have learned to blanche them to remove the skins and freeze them. Last week I made an old recipe of mine using fresh tomatoes, instead of canned.  I call it Italian Goulash.  I  removed the skins from the tomatoes, strained them and added them to the goulash. It actually turned out greyt.

So, I browned the hamburger.  Added chopped onion, red and yellow sweet peppers, minced garlic and sauted. Seasoned with pepper, oregano and basil (hopefully fresh from the garden). Added the chopped tomatoes, canned tomato sauce and simmered.  Add cooked pasta. Sprinkle with fresh grated parmesan cheese.

Add a side salad, fresh garlic toast and of course the last of the zucchini,…

and we had a greyt dinner!

I chopped the zucchini and yellow squash, drizzled with olive oil. Seasoned with pepper, rosemary and thyme  (hopefully from the garden). Sprinkle with grated parmesan cheese and baked.

Oh, the strained juice from the tomatoes,… made greyt tomato juice. It was also greyt to moisten the left over goulash a couple nights later.

Retirement has given me time for lots of new things I did not do while working. Gardening, trying lots of new recipes, organizing recipes, organizing photos, exercising, making new friends, learning to weave, joining a knitting group, blogging. And most important, …a lot of time to knit!

My next knitting challenge is learning to knit socks!


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