I have completed a few WIPs recently

WOW! Do these colors remind you of a juicy bowl of fruit, or not. I can just taste some  sweet strawberries, plump blueberries, tart thirst-quenching grapes. Uh, … excuse me while I go raid the fridge for some grapes to munch on.

I started this scarf earlier this summer when I needed something easy for sitting and waiting at the summer concerts. We had to arrive very early in order to get a good place to sit and this scarf was the ticket. I bought the yarn a couple of years ago off the sale rack. It is Fiesta La Boheme. There are to strands of yarn; a bright nubby yarn paired with a fine mohair. Each dyed to match. There was only 165 yards. The pattern for this scarf is from Susan DeBettignies and knitted in a V-shape. I left out the picot border because I was afraid I would not have enough yarn. I was right, there was about 10 inches left after bind off.

We saw some greyt concerts, Jefferson Starship, Kenny Logins,  Foreigner.

My first Hitchhiker, the Midnight Hitchhiker. The yarn is Dragonfly Pixie, the color is firecracker.

Love all the colors. Will definitely have a lot of options to pair this with.
Working on my second Hitchhiker, the Phoenix Hitchhiker. This will be for my daughter in Phoenix.

It reminds of a photo of the the night sky using time lapse. Yarn is Dragonfly Sock.

The Smokey-leaf Saroyan, for my daughter-in-law is about half done. I love anything that has a leafy pattern. She likes anything that has neutral tones. I think we have a match, folks!

This is an elongated, asymmetrical design. The lacey leaf is very easy to do. The yarn is Madelinetosh  Tosh Merino DK and is a super soft yarn.

This last WIP, Lost in Boulder, is my second Let’s Get Lost scarf. It is about three-quarters complete and again the yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light. This is also a super soft yarn and I love working with it.

I Love the blues! I may have to find something for myself using this yarn. I’m sure it will not be hard to do!
All patterns can be found on Ravelry. The notes for my modifications can be found under my projects for ‘frazzldknitter’. 

I am anxious to complete these projects so that I can take on a new challenge.

Knitting socks! ! !


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