Indie Dyer Feature: Megan Morrell of Old Crow Art Yarns

I do not know much about dyeing but enjoyed this article and thought these colors were fantastic. I wanted to share with my readers!

Knitting the Stash!

Ok, Ok, I kind of geeked out in Episode 4 about Old Crow Art Yarns and Megan Morrell’s astonishing colorways. Well, lucky for me, she is OK with super-fandom and agreed to an interview on the blog! Yes! Her colorways have always caught my eye–great contrasts, bright colors, interesting compositions. Plus, so much purple! ❤ Megan is a very fun-loving person and super to chat with about life, dyeing, and all things fiber, as she demonstrates in the interview. Over the past year, we have become friends and I do so enjoy her humor, sense of adventure, and humanitarian efforts–which you’ll hear a bit more about below. Check out her Etsy shop and like her FB page for updates. You’ll be so happy that you did!  [All images are used by permission and belong to Megan Morrell]


How did you get into dyeing? 
For me, dyeing yarn was really an evolution…

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