Greyt-full for Knitting and Retirement

WOW! I have a very busy year of knitting planned. Anything else that comes up, vacations, kids, blogging, ladies-night-out, ,,,well I will just have to check the knit calendar first!

Seriously though, there is always time for a ladies-night-out!

After having to frog (rip out, completely) the first sock a couple of times, I think I am now gettting the hang of it. For those not familiar with knitted socks, they are usually custom fit. That means no twisting, bunching  on the foot or crunching of toes. I have been told that once I start wearing my custom knit socks, I won’t want to wear anything else. I am anxious to test this out. The frustrations of trying to fit them will pay off, I hope. 

My Not-S0-Vanilla Socks
The pattern is a combination of  Toe-up Socks With a Difference,  by Wendy D. Johnson and Zigzagular Socks, by Susie White. The gusset increases are on the bottom instead of the side. I will let you know if I like this once I get the chance to wear them. Complete details are found at  by frazzldknitter.
More sock yarn!
 Now that I have the kinks worked out, I definitely have plans for more socks in the future. The greyt family has been warned  that their turn is coming!
Deb’s Striped Journey
 This is the Itineris Shawl by Hillary Smith Callis. The triangular wrap has three sections. Once I complete the first section, I then start knitting  the stripes at a right angle. I think the shading of the grey yarn adds special interest,  the red is a merino/silk/cashmere blend. Again, the details are under frazzldknitter at
Plum Silky
 I started this a couple of months ago and have set it aside.  I won’t bore you with the detailed frustrations (putting it mildly). But they can be read at Ravelry. I have modified the bottom with garter stitch instead of a rolled edge, which gives the piece a less casual look.  I also plan to increase the length for more of a tunic look and then modify the cap sleeve. This pattern is ETCH by Shubui. The yarn is also Shubui using two strands. One is linen, the other a blend of mohair and silk.
I’m Lost Scarf
 This is will be my third Let’s Get Lost Scarf by Veronika Jobe. The two previous have been for the greyt daughters. I ended up like this so much, this one is for me. The yarn is Madelinetosh Light. I love working with Madelinetosh. I will usually check out this yarn for my projects before looking at other brands. These colors are similar to the one I made for my daughter in Boulder, but the dark blue is a different shade. 
My favorite knitting spot
 Right now the temperature is 9 degrees with an expected high of 24. Yesterday, the high was about 5 degrees. We were lucky with only about 5 inches of snow, while 20 miles away, in downtown Denver, they had about double and in Boulder (60 miles), 12 inches of snow. While others were fighting the cold, cars that wouldn’t start or dodging accidents, I was cozy in my favorite knitting chair. I love retirement!
Vinny, following the sun!


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