The Greyt Organizing Bug

Every year, in January, I get bitten by a bug to organize. I’m not sure why it hits me at this time every year. Maybe it has something to do with getting all the holiday decorations put away and organized so that they are easy to get out the next time. I also hate clutter. I feel if I have not used something for several years it is time to get rid of it. And of course, just after it is hauled away to the donation center, it is not more than a month  or two that I start looking for it, only to realize that, ‘oh yeah’, I got  rid of that space consuming piece! Really, it had been sitting there fore 10 years, it was tired of being in a dark and only place! And now I think I can use it. Think of another alternative, after all,  I am the ‘greytknitter’. And no, the solution is to not go  and buy it again. If I think about it for a few hours, I will have forgotten about it. After all, the short-term memory becomes more evident with each passing year. 

In just two weeks I have defrosted the freezer, cleaned out the kitchen pantry, a linen closet and a storage closet, touched on a few selected drawers, storage under one of the bathroom sinks and the basement (which took two days)!

This is a conundrome that I do not understand. I clean the basement and reorganize it at least twice a year and haul away 2 to 4 large trash bags every time.  I think last year I cleaned it three times. And there is always this huge amount of ‘stuff’ that collects. Where does it come from. Yes, I know. It starts on the main level of the house. But really, where did it come from and why is it now determined to be of minor importance that it sits at the top of the stairs, waiting for someone to descend and place it on a table, later to be put in it’s permanent resting place.

The greyt spouse helped me load these bags into the back of the SUV and asked what was in them “Well, one bag is clothes and the rest is just odds-n-ends.”  The greyt spouse just shakes his head that I cannot be more specific and I am sure he is thinking, ‘hope it is not something we are going to need.’ While I am driving to the donation center I think about what he asked me. I could not identify what I was getting rid of, except for a few items. I just start in one corner and work my way across the room. I remove an item here and there that have not been used in years and add them to the trash bags. Once in the trash bags, they seem to multiply into this huge black plastic blob that can barely be lifted and carried up the stairs. 

This is the before pic. Below is the after.

I know, it is kinda hard to see a difference. In recent years we have moved two sets of parents from their homes and we have accumulated a lot of ‘stuff’ that we just cannot get rid of yet, especially linens, part of a bedroom set. Also, my mother-in-law lives with us. So the main level is limited on space, so many things have ended up in the basement. 

I did not show the before pic, but this table was piled high. It is the accumulation table where items  sit until placed in there special permanent resting place. Maybe now I will do a few stained glass projects. If history repeats itself, I better work fast before this prime piece of antique furniture is again cluttered with items of less importance and therefore sent to the lower level.

I have one more project to complete here before I again tackle the main level. The storage bins for my yarn stash. 

This should not take me long. After talking with the ladies of my knit group, it seems my stash is just a drop in the bucket! They seem to have closets filled to the top and rooms designated just for their stash.

Oh, by the way. This two day project only covered 1/4 of our basement. Half is a crawl space,  and yes I did shuffle a few things around under there.  I’m sure that accounts for my aching back and some near head concussions. The other 1/4 of the basement belongs to the greyt spouse and his wood working and other manly stuff. Do not comment to me about how neat and organized it looks!

Good bye for now. I am off to tackle my yarn stash. I want to get the organizing bug satified as my fingers are yearning to hold a knitting needle for more than just a couple of hours.


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