Finally! I have finished my first project for 2017. I can’t believe it has taken so long. Don’t get the wrong idea, my needles were not dormant, I have to have my daily knitting fix. But I have also been busy  with extra cleaning and doing some experimental cooking. 

So this was suppose to be the Itineris Shawl, by Hilary Smith Callis. I knew at the start that I did not have enough of the main color, grey. So, I did some modifications thinking it would be enough. However, once I knitted about 1/4 of the right angle edge, I frantically did some weighing and calculations and realized I was going to lose at yarn chicken! So I frogged the right angle and then finished it with my own color changes. It is much plainer then I intended, but I do like it.  I call it my ‘No Detours on this Journey Shawl.’ (hehe). Pattern and modifications are on Ravelry at frazzldknitter.

I spent most of last weekend frogging. Two days of knitting, one for frogging. Beside the shawl, I have been working on some more socks. I did the Fish Lips Kiss Heel for the first time. It did not look the best, but figured a could weave a little magic. Knitted up the cuff about 1/3 the way, then tried on again. Crap! In  an effort to make the foot fit snugger, the bend at the ankle was just too tight. So I frogged back about  2/3’s of this project. Then tossed it in the basket for future consideration.

A couple of days ago, I decided it was time to tackle it again. One sock down!, and one to go. Actually frogging back was the best thing, because now the heel looks greyt!

I still have several projects on the needles, and I am busy planning more. One is a temperature blanket! I have scrapped several of my designs so far, but think I have come up with a keeper. The year will be 1985. That is the year I met and married the greyt spouse. I have found the temps for that year in the city that we lived. I think I have found a simple design that will not conflict with all the color changes. I made several attempts at making my own color temperature chart, but scrapped those and am going to be using the 10 degree range used by  the National Weather Service. 

And here are most of the colors you will soon seen twisting around my needles.

 And here are some of those awesome colors soon to be twisting around my knitting needles.

Other things that have kept me away from my needles; trying new ways of cooking.  My daughter recently purchased a food hydrator and the spouse and I were able to sample the finished product. So, I bought one. It definitely is a learning curve for me. I don’t know why, but I never seem to be able to do something the first time. It always involves several attempts. With the hydrator, I sliced the strawberries too thin. They were awesomely quite crispy and chewey. But they did not taste bad. Next came bananas, I forgot to set my alarm for the middle of the night, thus in the morning, after 24 hours of dehydrating they also were a bit on the hard side. (Really hard!)

I plan on having another go at it soon.  

Next I bought an air fryer, after finding a greyt deal on Groupon. They seem to have many healthier benefits, one of which is not using gallons of oil to fry something. So my first try was at potatoes chips. The fryer did not come with a cookbook or even guidelines on how to cook food. Oh well, I have been cooking for years after all, so I checked out the internet and away I went. 

Needless to say, we almost chipped our teeth trying to eat them.

This week I bought the cookbook and tried dried chickpeas. Not bad, and if I would have had the right ingredients they would have been greyt!

Since I can’t decide which of my knitting projects I want to work on today, I decided to write this blog while I thought about it. I am pleased to report that it worked! I am going to get out my swift and yarn winder so I can start this hat I have been dying to make.  Just what I need, another project on my needles, this will make #7!


2 thoughts on “FINALLY

  1. That shawl is so pretty! I love the combo of red with gray. Sorry to hear of the frogging . . . I have been doing a bit of that myself–well TINKing too. many. rows. 😦 but in the end, it’s better to have a piece that you like and that’s closer to good, I suppose. Well done on the redesigning!

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