60 Hours of Lace

Hello fellow blogger! I know, it has been a while and I do have a lot to share. Hope I don’t bore you.

So I decided I wanted to make a spring/summer shawl. I found a pattern and bought the yarn. Of course, after thinking a bit on the design I chose, I realized that it was not appropriate for summer and would be to hot. So I visited with my KBF (knitting best friend) and she helped me find the right pattern. 

I have about six projects on my needles and I really did not need to start another project. I told myself I was going to finish these before starting more. Silly me, I’m addicted, of course I start it. But, in my own defense, I did finish my No Detours on this Journey Shawl that you saw on my previous post. And I started knitting a hat for a friend, almost finished it, but then frogged it because it just was not right. 

Anyway back to summer shawl. It is a beautiful pattern from Knitters Magazine, K123, summer of 2016. It is called Crescent and Arch. It is a nice open and airy lace that will be just right for a warm summer evening, or just for showing off!

The first section is garter, which I love to do, and it did not take long.  The second section is a faggot lace (terrible name, it should be changed). This  type of lace is doing k2tog and yo on right and wrong side. It is the first time I used safety lines. Just doing a k2tog with yo on one side is time consuming and if you forget a yo, it definitely shows.  Well, the same is true of this lace pattern. I made it through without any major castrophes. There are a couple of oops that I was able to fix, but overall, no major bombs.  Probably because I used safety lines, I did not even have to rip back rows. 

The third section is a lace edge knitted at a right angle and picks up stitches on the needle, (373 stitches total) until you get to the end.  OMG, this was by far the most intense and timely project I have done in a while. I kept track of the hours on this lace edged beauty. 62 plus hours! Let me clarify, 62 plus hours for just the third section! I was going to explain how i came up with that many hours, but I decided to not bore you further.   Am I boring you yet?  

But here is the final project! All blocked and ready to wear!



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