Darryl’s Retirement Hat

Let me share a hat I just finished. 

The yarn is Zen Yarn Garden, Serenity 20. Not sure but thinking the 20 stands for 20% cashmere. It if doesn’t, it should. It turned out so soft and snuggly. The color is wine cork, which is one of Zen’s limited series of colorways. It is perfect for my friend, who loves purple, and for living in Colorado. White, black,  grey and just enough purple for a man hat. Which my friend is, a man, I mean. 

So on Saturday the greyt spouse and I, along with a former colleague, Ginger, and her greyt spouse, sponsored a retirement party for this hat recipient. His name is Darryl. I met Darrly  in January of 2000, when I moved to Colorado. We worked together for 13 years on the Medical and then the Cardiac Intensive Care Units. I feel very fortunate to know Darryl. He is an exceptional nurse and a recipient of the prestigious Nightingale Award of Nursing  for his skills and contributions to nursing.

The party was a greyt success with lots of greyt food. The greyt spouse and I retired three years ago and this was a greyt opportunity to meet up with former co-workers that we were fond of.

Darryl, thanks for teaching me about hiking and backpacking in our beautiful Rocky Mountains and for introducing me the the amazing hut trips. I think the big smile is an indicator of how well he likes the hat.

The greyt spouse also made an awesome gift for Darryl. It is a  brass coffee scoop with a beautiful acrylic handle in black and purple that the greyt spouse made in his wood shop. Unfortunately, I did not think to take a pic of it before Darryl left. Sorry, greyt spouse. 


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