We had some very warm weather in February. In fact it was unseasonable warm, as the saying goes. One day the temperature was over 80 degrees! Can you believe that! 

 A few weeks ago I noticed the tulips were starting to sprout in my flower beds, which then triggered a desire to clean out the beds of winter debris. And look what I discovered under those old dried leaves,…

Of course, just a couple of days later, we had several inches of snow that buried my tender sprouts. But it did not last long, or harm my little sproutlettes. In fact, they received some much needed moisture.

 Now, almost three weeks later, take another look at my flower beds.

The crocus have grown and are quickly spreading around the border of the beds. The tulips are also making a statement and have probably doubled in size. 

Springtime can be a challenge in Colorado. The weather starts warming up, tulips, crocus, daffodils come to life with their beautiful colors. Even the trees start growing buds along with my rose bushes and other foliage.  Flowers become brave and begin pushing up through the soil.  Then comes a final blast of winter. Bam!  It doesn’t just snow, the temperature plummets to super freeze zone.   Unless you are lucky enough to have multiple buckets, trash cans and other various containers in your basement, the colors of spring end much too quickly. And the trees, bushes and other growth must start over.

Unusually, my forsythia bloom very little, or not at all. This spring I may have a record blooming season if the snow holds out for a few more weeks. 

However, we are in desperate need of moisture. This winter has been exceptionallly dry, except in the mountains. I would not mind snow, but for some reason winter thinks it needs to make a final statement in the spring and let us know that it can be cruel.   My wish for this spring is for light snow and lots of rain.

Look at this beauty.

A couple a years ago, I found these gorgeous things at one of the local garden centers. I’m not sure what they are. The card in the pot said anemone. But when I search different types of anemones, this particular one never comes up.  They seem quite hardy,  produce more flowers every season and continue to bloom until the end of April. And, I have fallen in love with them. 

What is your springtime looking like?  Are you buried under inches of snow or do you have a few signs of spring?

2 thoughts on “Spring!

  1. Those purples! I was just in CO visiting family and it was 70 degrees and sunny almost everyday. A big contrast to our weather back in IL: rain and colder. For once our spring break resulted in a warmer travel destination 🙂 Happy spring to you!


    1. I do love living in Colorado. Our winters are most mild, except for the high country. Two or three heavy snows that usually melt quickly. However, this year is very dry and extra mild. Everything is blooming very early, which is wonderful to see. However, I’m afraid we may have a very hot and dry summer.
      Glad you had a good spring break.


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