Ladies Weekend Retreat and a Shawl

Hello, it has been awhile since I wrote something. I have been busy and and do have several things I can share, but for some reason I did not seem to have the words.

Last weekend my neighbor and friend, Nancy, invited me to the mountains for a girls retreat. Her S/O, Jim, has a beautiful log cabin up near Steamboat. Jim was out of town, so it was a perfect time for us to go, along with her dog, Missy. 

The snow is melting fast up in the high country. Elevation is about 8500 feet and there was only about 2 to 3 feet of snow left. The dirt roads were dry, so we were able to walk the area. We met some of the neighbors along the way and Nancy was able to catch up on the doings of the neighborhood.  Afterwards we came back and had happy hour on the deck. Missy was happy after her walk and was content to sit at our feet while we enjoyed the view of gently sloping hills and the sounds of birds. Besides the crows and magpies, we also saw a couple of mountain blue jays and a blue bird. 

We had a small fire in the fireplace, soup for dinner, girl talk, more wine and a couple of girlie movies.  And of course, I had my knitting, which I will show you in a minute.

This was the sunrise the first morning. I’m not usually an early riser, but felt like I really wanted to take advantage of the weekend and Nature was very accommodating. 

The next day we spent in Steamboat for lunch and some window shopping. Okay, it was a bit more then window shopping. I love to browse shops. Many are the  usual tourist stuff.  But there are always those that have unique gifts.  Some which are hand crafted. Unfortunately, many were beyond my pocket book. I just could not find a way to justify with the greyt spouse why we needed this extremely large geode made into a beautiful coffee table. But is was fun to look at and dream, and I did make a few finds to bring home.  We also visited the town of Kremmling, just a few miles from the cabin. There is a small motel that has been converted by a group of local artist. The main part of the motel  is the gift shop. The individual motel rooms are workshops for the artists. I was able to get a good start on some Christmas gifts. There were different types of painting, jewelry, wood crafts, hand-tooled leather, art glass. There was even a small corner with some yarns that were hand-dyed. If you make it to Kremmling, it is definitely worth your time to visit. Or you can check out there website at

Here are a couple of trinkets that I could not resist!
Here are a couple of the trinkets I could not resist!

It was a greyt weekend and ended too soon. Thanks, Nancy, for bringing me along with you and Missy. And thanks to Jim for sharing his beautiful cabin. 

So,… my knitting for the weekend was a stash buster shawl. I started it a few weeks ago and was really ready to get it off my needles. It is made of worsted weight acrylic from my stash and is perfect when there is a bit of chill around the house.The idea came when I saw a scarf called ‘Suddenly, Gradient!’, by the Universal Yarn Team. 

Nancy had the greyt idea of adding the pocket. Now isn’t that a nice personal touch!

So long for now. HAPPY KNITTING TO YOU ALL. 

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