Yarn Festival and Eye Candy

This past week my BKB (Best Knitting Buddy) and I went to the Interweave Yarn Festival in Loveland, CO.  This was a new experience for me. It is an awesome annual event packed with every kind of class and workshop you could dream up. And a huge convention room full of eye candy. I immediately went berserk, but my BKB said, ‘Deb, do not buy anything, and I mean anything, until we have walked the whole floor.’ She was right, I think almost every booth had something I wanted. But, I took some very deep gulps of air and restrained myself until the end and only chose what I could not resist.   

Come to me my precious pretties!

I tried to stick with items that are not usually carried by my LYS. Unfortunately, I could not get everything I wanted on this first visit. But next year, I will be better prepared. And I did sneak lots of business cards just encase I cannot wait a whole year!

Cat Mountain Fibers. I am thinking a throw for the sofa? What do you think.  I have knitted with her yarn before. In fact it is almost my favorite knitted item, a beautiful short-rows shawl full of colors that remind me of living in Colorado, which is where this yarn is made. You can see the shawl in my blog titled, ‘WIP DONE!!! Along With A Shawl’ 

I found a table with beautiful hand-crafted spindles from Greensleeves Spindles. I am a sucker for hand-crafted items. And my BKB said,  ‘I can teach you how.’  SOLD, and let’s go find some fibers to spin. The Malabrigo with be a good one to learn with before I start on the Lisa Souza fiber of super merino, cashmere and tussah. To touch this fiber, it is like being reincarnated as a cat. I not only nuzzled it, but you have to sink you claws (I mean fingers through it), and wrap it around your neck. I think this fiber should be called ‘ambrosia to the touch’.  Oops, I got distracted, from telling you what tussah is. Silk, that’s what it is. Now I understand why it is so touchable, cashmere and silk!

This walnut and ambrosia maple yarn bowl was also made by Greensleeves Spindles. I have used it the last couple of days and really like it. 

Beautiful hand-crafted beads by Glorieta Glassworks. I’m seeing stitch markers and a unique necklace. And some discounted necklaces. $15.00 each. No way could I buy the beads to make it for that price. Check out http://www.glorietaglassworks.com

Okay, the wooden earrings are from Favour Valley Woodworking. She makes awesome buttons that I have used on a couple of previous knitted garments. So, having earring to match will look awesome! The shawl pin is from Lickinflames. Very unique, my LYS was next door to this booth and the owner heard me talking about how I love hand-crafted and unusual items. I hope I could talk her into carrying some of his products. 

I have succumbed to the ‘Find you Fade’ trend.  I cannot resist any longer. Yarns are from Wooly Wonka at http://www.woolywonkafiber.com, Western Sky Yarn at www, western sky.com, and the oddball, Knerd String at http://www.knerdshop.com. I am hoping to complete a couple of projects before starting, but these yarns are strong and are  calling me and I am having a had time ignoring them.

Last, but not least,  is this from Western Sky Yarn.  Originally was going to use it with the Fade, but it got pushed out by other colors that looked better. Not sure what it will become when it grows up, but am sure it will look spectacular. Aren’t those colors amazing.


3 thoughts on “Yarn Festival and Eye Candy

  1. What a happy reminder of a really fun day. What’s a BKB for but to run wild shopping at a fibet festival with?! I put all my fun buys away to incubate for a couple of weeks while I finish my Fade. Now I’m anxious to get started on some of those projects. I love all the stuff you bought: excellent choices! Knit on and I’ll see you next week. 🙂


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