Springtime, visiting family, a Cute Yarn Shop

I love this time of year. And this year is exceptional.  Yes, we did get a couple of spring snows, but it was only a few inches. Not the foot we could have gotten. So my daffodils and tulips look better than ever.

The front right side bed.
The front side yard.
Part of the back yard.

And Yes,… if you are thinking that the porch would be a perfect place to sit with my neighbor this evening and share a glass of wine, or two. That is exactly what the greyt spouse and I will be doing!

I went to Lincoln this week to visit my brother. Also, was able to catch up with my nephew and his beautiful wife. They just had a house built and moved in a few months ago. They did a spectacular job designing it. It is very open, modern and has a fantastic porch that looks out over the lake.  I could not think of a better place to be. Congratulations on designing the perfect home.

My brother and I always check out the latest movies when I visit. We saw, ‘Going in Style”, a very cute and charming movie. I love movies about old people who decided that living a quiet, retired life is not okay and that they are not going to standby while life tries to screw them. We also saw ‘Kong: Skull Island’. I have not seen a Kong movie since Jessica Lang was the damsel in distress. There was no damsel distressed in this movie, but a  couple of the characters definitely wished they had thought things through better and maybe  have come up with a different plan. Hehe! 

Jim is smiling. At least, I think he is smiling. He said he was smiling!
He likes to make people think he is this big scary guy. Really, he can be quite cuddly, if you are not afraid to stand your ground!

Before leaving Lincoln, I found this little yarn shop called,…

The owner was very friendly and helpful. A while back I found this pattern call,  ‘DaVinci Code Cowl’ by Mary-Ann Lammers. It is a planned pooling cowl and I loved the yarn she used. I found that yarn at The Yarn Shop! 

The shop also had the most amazing selections of buttons. The little sea turtle is a button I plan to turn into a shawl pin for a scarf I am currently making. 

One the way home I made a stop in Kearney to visit my niece, Crystal.  It is always fun to spend time with her. She is so vibrant and upbeat. We had dinner at the local grill, followed by a taste of Kearney’s local theater group that her mother is currently working with. The play is called, ‘The Hat Maker’s Wife’, or something like that. I enjoyed their practice. For a small town, I think they did a grand job. Of course the three of us ended the evening with wine and getting caught up. Mostly I did a lot of bragging about my knitting and blog site. 

The morning was a short visit with Crystal’s kids. Unfortunately Oliver had to rush off to school, but Maura was very entertaining and did not take long for her to warm up to me. 

I headed home after making Crystal promise to bring the kids and come visit this summer.

One more thing. The Yarn shop in Lincoln had some cute T-shirts. This one found it’s way into my shopping bag before I left the store.

I think it is appropriate for this addicted knitter!

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