Okay, it has been almost two months since I have shared with you or even read the bloggers that I follow.   These two months have been very busy, some expected, some unexpected. I am finally caught up on my reading, so now it is time to write.

Before I bore you with vacation photos, my next two blogs will be catching up.

In the last part of April and May we had our usual spring snow storm. Usually we only have one major, but this year we had two followed by a month of rain and more rain and freezing temperatures.

Bloomin’ buckets taken April 28, 2017.

WOW! Check out that grass. Credit goes 100% to the greyt spouse. He manages the lawn. I do the flower beds and veggie garden.

Having a very mild winter brings spring flowers earlier than usually. And this year they looked even better. My crop of tulips were awesome. Check out my blog on ‘Springtime’.

As you can see, it takes some creativity to find enough covers to protect  everything from a very wet and heavy snow. Sometimes you just have to pick what to save and what to let go. So, I picked what was left of the tulips and daffodils and brightened up my kitchen and mother-in-law’s room as we looked out our windows at this,…

Notice the christmas cactus has blooms!?! This silly thing blooms through out the winter months, except Christmas time. And only small sections bloom at a time.  I don’t know much about habits of this cactus, but you would think with the name Christmas  cactus, that it would bloom during the Christmas season. Thanksgiving, yes. Christmas, no. Valentines and St. Patrick’s, yes. April showers, yes, or more like April snowstorm.

And nights of using a broom to knock snow loose so we do not end up wit broken tree limbs.

After a couple of days, we were able to get out and walk the dogs. FYI, most greyhound owners may be offended with this next pic of because Vinny  is not wrapped up in a cute, thick fluffy coat and think I am neglecting my dog. But,…

Vinny loves the snow and loves to lay in it.  Silly dog. He is not a fan of summer heat (which we are now in) and is already refusing to take long walks.  And the temperature is just mid 60s and low 70s with are morning walks. But, walk him in the cold, he is a happy camper. If there is snow, he makes several rest stops in it and happily checks out the neighborhood.

We survived the snow and excessive rain, along with below freezing temperatures. Soon I will share some pics of my summer flowers and gardens.


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