If you have been reading my blogs you know that I have fallen behind for a couple of months  and have been contemplating how best to get caught up.  Do I bore you with a chronological order of all that I have been doing. Or do I just jump in and do it in a hodge-podge kind of way.

 I have decided to not go into detail, but just jump in and hit some of the highlights. The little details will just go away until another time, if at all. 

Beading is back! ! My first stitch markers!
BEADING is what has been consuming my interest the past few months. I got together with my BKB (best knitting buddy) and revived this old hobby.  BKB and I have tossed around an idea of making beaded stitch markers and possibly selling them, maybe on an Etsy shop of just locally. 

For those who do not know me, I never begin a new hobby without immersing myself in it to the point of almost drowning and becoming financially broke. To the relief of the greyt spouse and my credit card,  I dragged a humongous suitcase from the basement filled with my old stash of beads from several years ago. 

BKB and I drooled over these glistening gems. It was almost overload for me, I did not know where to start. 

These beauties are hand crafted glass! With onyx beads, Swarovski crystal beads and sterling silver flex wire are too precious to sell. They now belong to me.(This will have to go on the lost side of inventory. lol)

It wasn’t long before I was back in the groove and thinking of nothing but the next bead project. My knitting needles were calling to me, but I could not hear them. So sadly, many WIPs have been neglected. The sparkle of the beads are hard for me to resist. 

To take a break from beaded stitch markers, I started putting together earrings for myself and family members.

Zipper pulls for backpacks
I went shopping for some sunglasses and took time to knit a case for them from some stash yarn. My pattern, on Ravelry.  I used some ribbon yarn from my stash, along with an old button.  Hmm,… maybe this is an item I could whip up and sell in my little shop. 
Then back to more stitch  markers.

Hawaii is soon approaching and I think some special jewelry is required.

The three bigger ones are for myself, my daughter-in-law, and a friend. The small one is for the granddaughter.

I made these for my daughter-in-law, a friend and myself. The cute little ones are for the granddaughter, and she immediately put them in her cute little ears. 

Okay, the creative juices have really started flowing. MACRAME!  Macrame bracelets for the grandkids with some decorative beads. Once upon a time,  I also did macrame. In fact, I saved all my old books on macrame. 
 More jewelry for more granddaughters. 

So far I have been able t resist the temptation to buy more beads, for the most part. Only shopping for the findings needed to make stitch markers and earrings. 

I will end by saying that I have had some luck in selling some of my pieces already! To the ladies of my knit group! And, one of the ladies in my neighborhood commented on a pair of earrings I was wearing. Besides saying ‘thank you’ and I also added that she could also have a pair for a nominal fee! She took me up on my offer immediately! My daughter-in-law also liked a pair I had made. Due to her family connections, there will be no charge to her. (Hopefully she will do some free advertising for me!)

Maybe I should give some more serious thought to starting a small sho


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