Today is the 4th of July. The United States of America is free from the  tyranny of Great Britain.  Hmmm,……

Things have changed a lot in two hundred and forty-plus years. Great Britain is one of our closest allies. Now we fight against terrorism and other factions that want to take over and rule the world. Why can we not all be happy in our own little niche and accept the differences around us. 

Many countries have had to fight for their freedom. I recently visited Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. Over one thousand men are still buried within this ship.

Every few seconds oil still bubbles to the surface. It is as if the ship is saying, “Remember me! I am still here and I have not quite given up yet.”

There were many men on that ship whose origins were from different countries. That is one of the foundations of this country. You can be free here. Free to say what you want, free to worship and live how you chose. Freedom from fear that you will not be punished for how you chose to live or who you are.

 Freedom, that is one thing greyt about this country. But what about tolerance and acceptance as part of that freedom. Accept your neighbor for their differences. They have good things to share with us. 

Let’s show the world that we can live together and get along with our neighbor. Some of their beliefs and culture may be different, but they want what we all want. To practice their way of life without someone punishing them or trying to change them. We all want freedom to have a good life and to live in peace!

Wishing everyone around the world a day of freedom, tolerance, peace, acceptance.

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