HAWAII, part I

My son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, me and grandson.

WOW! I went to Hawaii for the first time! And it was totally awesome! !  The sunsets are spectacular over the water. This pic is overlooking Waimea Bay.  There was a restaurant just across the road that is all open bays, so you can view the ocean as you eat.

We stayed on the island of Oahu. My daughter-in-law lived and worked there for several years. She is a little water baby and surfer, so she knew all the best places to take me to. Unfortunately, I did not get to see her surf. She keeps her board on the island with a friend and it was recently stolen. 

We rented a VRBO (vacation rental by owner. I discovered the pure joy of an outdoor shower. Yes, the main benefit is you do not track sand from the beach into the house. I however,  liked the freedom of showering outdoors. I was under the open sky and warm sun. No steamy bathroom to contend with. There was a walking path along the fence. It was kinda exhilarating to be naked, outside, but yet in private, hearing the conversations of people walking by!

This was one of four bedrooms. I immediately claimed it for the awesome knitting chair, and yes, I did find time to knit.

Keikei Beach, where we stayed and just south of famous Sunset Beach

I am not a strong swimmer and a bit wimpy in the water. However, the grandkids loved getting beat up by the waves and spent hours doing so. The sand was so deep walking was difficult and frequently my feet would sink up to my ankles. 

At Waimea Bay,  kids love jumping off the cliff. The girl in the blue top with her arms spread out, getting reading to jump is my granddaughter. She was fearless when climbing the on the slippery rocks and when jumping, which she did about 25 times! The next two pics are me and my grandson swimming with a sea turtle.

Lani Kai Beach was great. The surf was gentle, we did some snorkeling,  The sand was soft and fine. 

Time out for knitting and sand castles!

I even got stung by a jellyfish!

A break from the beaches at Makapu’u Lookout. 

The sea cliffs have been formed over time by the wind and surf. Very beautiful and very windy. 

We visited the beach at Bellow Air Force Base. 

The sand was like fine powdered sugar. We rented boogie boards for the kids to ride. I was even able to catch a kiddie wave and ride it to shore.  Wow, riding a boogie board was not on my bucket list, but so glad I had the experience.  I have no pics of this greyt event, yet. I am waiting for my son to download and forward it to me. 
Meanwhile back on the homefront, Vinny survived another thunderstorm!

Time to take a break. I will share more pics with you soon!

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