I have been very busy lately. Travel, weeding flower beds, gardening. It seems that I have not been knitting or posting, but have actually done a lot of knitting. But my knitting is all the same project. 

I discovered an adoreable pattern for a softie and have made several for my grandkids. Friends have started to ask if I would make one for them. The pattern I have been using is copyrighted and has a disclaimer that the designer does not want the pattern used to make profit on knitted items. That is somewhat limiting. Yes, I have made several, gifted them and they have been happily received. 

So this started me thinking about copyrights. What I have discovered is that it may or may not be legal to make a profit from knitted items with this disclaimer. I’m thinking that if the designer feels so strongly about her patterns, maybe it is time for me to design my own pattern.

Part of June and most of July I have been busy writing this pattern and revising it.

With each revision it becomes cuter. 

While busy clicking away on my needles, the gears of my mind turned with all these greyt ideas. Maybe I can publish this pattern. What about a copyright. What if I make different sizes.

How about a mini bunny!

How about adding a hook to this mini. It can now be attached to a backpack or used for a zipper pull. Or maybe attached to a belt loop on jeans or shorts.

I am almost done with my revisions. I still have a few kinks to work out, but I could not resist sharing with you and getting your thoughts and ideas.

I am still checking out copyrights and thinking about publishing. I am also thinking about designing other animals.

Oh, by the way, I have named it ‘ERIN’S FLOPPY’, in honor of my youngest daughter.  Erin was born with a severe learning disability, mild cerebral palsy and autism. As a toddler and child she loved anything floppy, socks, sleeves on a shirt, you name it. She would spend hours shaking these items and it was hard to find toys that were floppy. As she has grown up, she has never lost her interest in floppies. 

Here’s to you sweet Erin. 

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