Hawaii, part II

Oahu is 44 miles long and 30 miles across, 597 sq. mi. The continental US is 3.797 million sq. mi., 2800 miles across and 1582 vertical miles. 

It only takes 2-1/2 hours to drive the shoreline of Oahu. Every bit of the drive is filled with very blue skies, blue and turquoise water.  Trees and foliage are very different from what I have seen before.  I grew up in Nebraska and and have lived in Wyoming and Colorado. I have traveled, but the scenery on Oahu is like entering a different world. 

A different look from the Rocky Mountains!?

This plant is normally a house plant where I live, in Hawaii, it is a TREE!

An early morning walk gave me a chance to take some fun pics.

Chickens run wild on the island and help keep the bug population down.


Close friends of my son’s family joined us for our trip, Kat, Adam and their son, Max, who celebrated his first birthday while here.

Seriously mummy! I was fine without the vest. So you think l will float now? Let’s hope I do it belly up!
Who would have thought that eating shrimp from a food truck could taste so good and be safe to eat!!!

The original food truck.

We brought our own master chef along for the trip. Adam served up humongous hamburgers, steaks,  marlin, ono and ahi. The  shrimp were the the biggest, fattest I have every eaten. The Ahi was served over a bed of fresh greens and a reduction of, . . . . awesome something!?!

Roadside fruit stands with fresh coconut water. I learned that when the coconut is still green, the liquid is water. After the coconut ripens, it becomes coconut milk.

A forest fire on a tropical island? Yes, they do happen.  This was just south of the beach where we were staying. We even saw a helicopter dropping buckets of water. It took about 24 hours to put it out.

Final destination before the airport, Waikiki Beach, a greyt view of Diamond Head and, …

a stop at the famous Dukes and their signature lava flow drink.

After eleven days of beach, surf, sand and sun, it is time to return to reality. A very long ‘red-eye’ flight home and a suitcase packed with souvenirs, memories, and a little sand!

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