A Trip to Lake Powell

Vacations have been few and far apart for the greyt spouse and I over the past several years.  I was fortunate to go to Hawaii earlier this year with the greyt son and his greyt family and friends. I posted pics in a previous blog. 

In July the greyt spouse and I drove to to Lake Powell to visit friends. We went through Moab driving along Highway 128 off of I-70. It is a two lane road, but the views were awesome.

This archway is pretty cool. I took the pic along the roadside,  so I am a distance from it. It is hard to appreciate the size until you look closely and notice there are people standing below the arch.

The greyt spouse.

The rock formations just pop up from the ground. And the color palette is beautiful.

From Moab we took 191 to 160 to travel down to Page, Arizona. I’m thinking this is a total of a 10-12 hour drive on mostly 2 lane highway, and desert views will be rather boring. I was so wrong. The spectacular scenery really cut into my planned knitting time!

 The entire drive was very beautiful. Just out of nowhere we would see these huge mounds of rock with such unique formations!

And the drive was over before we new it. 

So, our greyt friends, Dave and Sherry, have this little boat on Lake Powell. Just kidding, it is not little.  

The next 5 pics are from a cruise boat tour. I am just amazed at the lines, colors and shapes.

Unfortunately, the weather, although hot, was a bit windy creating choppy waters. So we did not get a personal tour of the lake on Dave and Sherry’s boat. However, it had been about two years since we last seen our friends, so we have plenty of time to visit and catch up.

The windy days did give us an opportunity to drive to the Grand Canyon for a day with our greyt friends. The views were beautiful and I just do not have the words to describe this natural wonder.

Back to Lake Powell and a camp out on the boat. We spent our last night on Lake Powell sleeping on Gemini. Dave and Sherry very graciously offered their stateroom to us. However, the greyt spouse and I thought it would be more fun and memorable to sleep under the stars. And it was. I purposely woke up several times just to admire the quiet and the expanse of stars. I woke early to take pics of the sunrise.

We left our friends, giving lots of hugs and well-wishes and plans to return soon. As we were heading home, I realized that I did not take any pics of out greyt friends. Silly me, my camera was always pointed at the surrounding scenery, hoping to achieve that one greyt pic.

First stop on the road home, Four Corner. A place where the corners of the states of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona meet. It is a very popular tourist destination and a chance for me to find my last souvenirs. There are hand crafted items by Native Americans and the booths are arranged so there is one in each state. Wow, there is no other place where you can shop and buy souvenirs from four different states at just one stop!

“X” literally marks the spot. Or is it a plus (+). 

Back on the road with more spectacular rock sprouting.

We spent the night in Alamosa, Colorado. The next morning we traveled to the Great Sand Dunes.

Did I say ‘sand dunes’, in Colorado? Yes I did. Now explain to me how there are sand dunes in the middle of the United States. The Great Sand Dunes are the tallest on the North American continent and are located in the Sanger de Cristo Mountains.  Formed over thousands of years from sand deposited by mountain streams and reverse storm winds. The sand is constantly being recycled through freezing weather, melting snow, the mountain streams and of course the wind.   A very awesome site. 

I enlarged this greyt pic for our home. Not sure where it’s final resting place will be.


Now this couple had the right idea. Lounging under an umbrella while the grandkids sand skied on the dunes.
Yes, you can rent sand boards, rub the bottoms with wax and ski down the dunes.

I think next year we should plan a trip with the greyt grandkids. What a greyt beach vacation! And then we can visit the alligator farm. Yes, there is an alligator farm in the middle of Colorado. 
The trip was fun and refreshing. However, it is greyt to be home where the scenery is a rich green with a variety of trees, colorful flowers. And a short walk around our neighbor with greyt views of the Rocky Mountains!!

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