Things are changing. The trees seem to be turning early this year. We just had our first snow! Politics, . . I am not even going to go there!!!! And my blog site is changing.

In the next few weeks I will be making changes. So, if things look incomplete or or do not make sense, you would be correct.

For some reason, these changes are difficult for me. One problem is that I should be making these changes on the website vs. the app. I have never had any computer classes. As a nurse I did use a computer quite a bit. I was very adept at ordering x-rays and diets, charting meds and when my patient “appears to sleep” (only an older nurse will understand that comment!

So back to computer vs. iPad apps. Don’t you think they should function the same? Well, I am finding out computer people do not think so.

I will continue to blog about my addiction to knitting and love of greyhounds.  Occasionally, I will talk about other interests, such as family, or things happening.

The main changes I want to make is in the menu and to add my on-line store.

So, while you are waiting for my store to open for business, here are a few items to tease you.

Okay, so much for teasing you. It seems I have done something so my photos only download in text form.

See you soon, I hope.

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