A Crafty Room

Although most of my time has been spent working on ERIN’s BUNNY, I have been able to work in a few other projects.

Recently, I acquired an extra bedroom that I have been busily turning into my craft room. Gone is the double-size bunk bed. My oversized chair has found a space in my bedroom. The chest of drawers remains, it is greyt for storing yarn! The closest also makes greyt yarn storage, business supply and office area. (I know you keep hearing the word business from me and one day I will stop procrastinating and surprise everyone with my mini shop of crafts).

So, instead of the double-size bunk bed, there is now a queen-size futon!

img_2607Greyt color! It is not only comfortable to sit and knit, but I slept on it for a few hours and it passed the test. So now the room can also be a guest room!

The chair I have added is just awesome. I love it! Take a look,. . .

img_2613img_2764-4Cool, huh! And yes it is authentic 1970’s. You have to be jealous, right? This chair lived in the basement of my in-laws long before the greyt spouse and I ever met. And for the past 8 or 9 years has been in my basement. Finally, I was able to bring it out of the darkness. I think it goes perfect with the futon. The little side table is also compliments of my in-laws, circa 1970’s. I sent a hint to the greyt spouse that a lava lamp would be the perfect holiday gift and accent for the table.

The adorable quilted dog hanging was made for me by a co-worker several years ago for my fiftieth birthday. I love this hanging and am so glad it has a permanent home. I never tire of looking at it and it always makes me smile.

img_2766Oops, I got side-tracked. So, what is on my needle? How about a knitted flower bed above the closest of my craft room. Not quite finished, but should be soon.

img_2763The grass has a fusible interface on the back and is held up by a couple of very small nails. To limit the amount of nail holes I am using those little plastic 3M hooks to attach the flowers. The ruffle type flowers are from the book “itty-bitty hats” by Susan B. Anderson. The pattern is felted flower child. As you can see, I did not felt the flowers. They are knitted using different weight yarns and the stems are crocheted. The five and six-point flowers is from ‘a flower petal pattern’ from ‘Miss Crafty Fingers”. I found this pattern on Ravelry, but it appears Miss Crafty Fingers is also a blogger.

img_2760-1img_2761-1The rug in front of the chest-of-drawers is recently off my needles. It is crocheted using the now defunct ribbon yarns. You remember them. They looked like a fat ribbon that you either knitted or crocheted then opened up for a very trendy, ruffle scarf! My LYS has shelves of this yarn that is even hard to move at a sale price. However, I think the rug is a greyt and fun idea!

The greyt spouse found the tropical appliqué in Panama. Due to some recent re-decorating our greyt room this “molas” as it is called in Panama lost it’s proud spot. However, what better home could it have then in my craft room.

br />img_2758img_2762The ceiling fan/light pulls are also a product of my craftiness. (I really should make some extras to put in my ‘not-yet-functioning-store)!

So, what do you think of my crafty, craft room!

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