I will not keep you in further suspense. This is the final installment of the Ujo challenge. Most of the challenges  involved was my own making. I should have listened to my gut and paid closer attention to measurements. However, it was my lack of attention that led to some creative thinking and new challenges that ended up boosting confidence in my knitting skills.

When I first imaged this top, I wanted to try and have the colors more blended so that it would be hard to tell where one yarn color ends and another begins.

I think this time around I am a bit closer to achieving that goal.


I also decided to vary my striping pattern so that it would be a bit more random.

The only problem with that idea is that I did not remember the exact measurement of the previous top, so I added a few more stripes just to be on the safe side. (Can you see a possible problem?)

FINALLY, after what felt like months but was only a long two weeks Iam ready to join the top to the bottom. I am not looking forward to this challenge. I discuss this with my knitting group. One of the ladies mentions that she found a video on You Tube about knitting a Kitchener graft instead of sewing it. That does sound intriguing to me.

Actually, I would almost pay someone to do this for me. But then I start thinking. I am not a quitter. How many times have I ripped something out until I finally got it right. How many different crafts have I done over the years because of the challenge of learning something new.

The video on You Tube was very easy to find. It is called, ‘How to Knit (not sew!) the Kitchener, aka Grafting, by ‘wipinsanity’.

My BKB (best knitting buddy) suggests that I knit up some extra yarn and practice the Kitchener before starting the real thing. I have never learned my lessons nor taken the easy way and history is about to repeat itself.  I watch the video a couple of times am ready to jump in. Why waste time on practice, I say to myself.  My BKB has started calling me the ‘fearless knitter’  because of that attitude along with ripping (or cutting)  a FO apart in the middle, not knowing whether it will have a good outcome.


Wow! Not looking to bad for a beginner. I am actually impressed how easy it is coming together. I even became faster and was able to complete the join in one afternoon.

OMG! Such a relief. I DID IT! The join looks fabulous, even if I say so myself. I absolutely love how all the colors blend together. I think I should try it on before I block it.

AND,  . . . remember I said I added a few extra stripes  to the top? Well, I also added length to the overall garment. I like my tops long so that I can wear leggings, be comfortable and not look like a ridiculous old lady who should not be wearing that outfit.

I look in the mirror, . . . not bad, I like, except that it extends to the middle of my knee. I know that after blocking I will probably have me a ‘middy dress’.

Okay, I am not ready to give up yet, and this can be an easy fix. Four inches. I ripped out four inches from the bottom. Again, an easy fix. Picked up stitches, bind off, shorten the pockets and sew down again.

That’s it! I am not doing anything else to this project. If it does not block out well and fit, . . . I’ll just burn it!

Are to ready to see how my faded/blended striped Ujo top turned out?

Sorry, lol, I couldn’t resist a bit more teasing.

Here it is.


What do you think?

I like it, a lot.  And the ladies of my knit group did the appropriate amounts of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahhhs’. I think I got a pretty good blending of colors. Can you guess how many different colors I used?

You can find the answer on Ravelry with my notes from Frazzldknitter. (I really need to learn how to insert the link, so all you have to do is click it. Maybe that should be my next challenge!)

Hope you enjoyed the suspense.


P.S.  the answer is 6. 

Animal contributions from a visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

At last, time for belly rubs, says Toby, our little Furby!

4 thoughts on “KNITTING CHALLENGE 2018, cont.

  1. I am beyond impressed, Deb! What a fabulous top! Would have guessed you used more than 6 Colors. Love the color balance and you look Absolutely Marvelous in it!! Can’t wait to read about your next adventure in the world of knitting!!

    Liked by 2 people

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