the Ravelry challenge and more

Ravelry has a challenge for its’ enthusiastic members. How many projects can you complete during 2018?

At first, I was unsure of this challenge. Once, I understood how simple is was, my eyes dilated, like a druggie, as I thought of all the projects I could make this year. And, of course, me being a person who likes a challenge, jumped in head first as usual.

30, was my first guess. I like round, even numbers. So, I filled in the little box and I was set. And I had already completed 3 projects this year.



A couple days later I dropped that number to 25. I decided that maybe the thought of a challenge had made me a bit high. But, doing more thinking, (knitting gives one a LOT of time to think) I decided that 30 may actually be a bit low. If I make my little floppy animals and get a second pattern designed, I can probably surpass that number as if I am an Olympic competitor.

February has just passed and March here. I cannot believe how quickly this year is passing. I have completed 5 projects this year, and am working feverishly to try and get a few more done, along with plans to start others.

Please give me my mate, mate!?

Then, I remember my numerous projects that are in hibernation. I get them out, closely examine them; do I want to finish this project or frog it for a different one.  I decide to keep all but one.  I then set an approximate completion date for these projects. That felt good. Projects that have been collecting dust and weakly calling my name, now have gained strength knowing that soon they will be completed.

A DaVinci to decode

Wow, 6 projects in hibernation, 4 projects sitting by my knitting chair, 1 is hiding under my bed and 3 projects with yarn and a pattern, but not yet started.


Oh, and I just remembered some specialty animal fibers I bought on sale last month that need to have a project assigned to them.


Then a visit to my LYS for my weekly knitting group and I come home with more yarn and another project to start.


So the above numbers are quickly changing. I doubt that I will have trouble meeting this challenge. The nice thing about the Ravelry challenge is that you can change the number of projects to want to complete. Also, you can adjust the approximate finish date, so if it takes longer, no problem. If you are not sure of a finish date, just enter, December, 31,d 2018, and that should cover you!


Oh my gosh,  so much to do and so little time.

Am I coming across a bit ADHD?  Time for my medication, which is knitting. Better yet, add a glass of wine!

As I calmly sit, knit and sip, I think about challenges. Ravelry may be challenging me to make as many projects this year as possible, but I am also challenging myself as a knitter. So far this year I have learned the Kitchener join, twisted cable and brioche stitch. Plans for this year also include 1×1 color changes, knitting more tops, incorporating more short rows into projects. I also plan to publish my second knitted pattern!

Do you have any challenges planned for this year? Wishing you luck with whatever challenge you chose and HAPPY BLOGGING!

2 thoughts on “the Ravelry challenge and more

  1. I love your yarn and projects. I just cleaned out the yarn room and I have 4 projects going, just received an order for a couple of more, and have a couple of UFOs that I’m pretending to not see. If I can’t see them, I don’t have to count them, right? You know, you won’t have any trouble finishing your projects in time. Sopme go really fast (like socks) and others are slow (ahem… sweaters). Since you seem to just crank through the sweaters I think that you’re in great shape!!

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