A Quilted Surprise!

It has been a while, has it not? About 2 almost 3 months. Although my key board has been quiet, my fingers have not been at rest. I have lots of completed knits.

I have typed up a couple of drafts, but by the time I get back to proof-reading and refining, they seem to be outdated. I have also been doing a lot of thinking about my blogs and I seem  to mostly pat myself on the back about what has been coming off my knitting needles. I am very proud of my knitting and the challenges I have been taking on recently, but wonder if I am becoming too self-involved.

So, this post will not about me! Well, okay,  in a sense it is, and it is something I am very proud of and want to share. But it is not something I made. This was a gift to me and the greyt spouse by very good friends.

The greyt spouse and I visited these greyt friends, D & S,  this past March in Sun City and also last year while they were cooling off on their boat at Lake Powell.

With every visit I bore D & S with my awesome amateur photograhy skills, showing them hundreds of pics I have taken. S is a quilter, so she sees greyt quilt ideas in some of my better scenic photos, so I forward the ones she likes best to her.

A couple of weeks ago, we received a package form D & S. When I opened it, I saw that she had made a quilt hanging for us. Awesome, I though. When I unrolled it and saw what the she had made, I was brought to tears.


Isn’t this beautiful! Of course, I called them immediately to thank them and let them know that they made me cry and hoped they were pleased with themselves.

S already had the piece of material she explained. She accented the rays of sun with metallic thread,


and also used the metallic threads to show the reflection of the sun on the waves.


S also explained that there was a special segment on her quilting show about how to do silhouettes.  Her greyt spouse helped her find pics of palm trees on-line that they could get enlarged at their local copy store along with enlarging the silhouettes in the original pic.


I was trying to capture the detail of the palm tree in this pic, but unfortunately black on black is a difficult pic to take.

Yes, I so appreciate the numerous hours my friend put into creating this quilt for us. But there is a reason this particular design is so special to me.

This particular quilt was created from this pic I sent to S.


The pic was taken last year on my vacation to Oahu, Hawaii. The people watching the sunset are my son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, myself and my grandson. This is one of my favorite pics from that vacation and I had intended to enlarge and frame it, but time just got away from me.

Not only did S memorialize the memory of my vacation, but D & S had the original picture transferred to glass!


P.S. You may have noticed that there is an extra silhouette in the quilt that does not appear in the photo. Unfortunately the greyt spouse was not on this vacation, but S was able to get his silhouette from another pic.

Friends come and go, but greyt friends are hard to find. D and S you are truly special people and we are lucky to have your friendship. Thank you for this beautiful treasure.

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