I just got caught up reading everyones’ blogs and am now feeling A bit energize to do some writing.

I have been busy. I have dozens of  finished objects and several on my needles. And I really feel the need to brag about my FOs and will do so soon.

Just finished weeding the flower beds for the ump teenth time this year and fertilized a couple of weeks ago. The leaves of my garden flowers now have a beautiful dark green color instead of a weakly green. I could kick myself for not getting pictures when everything was blooming so nicely a few week ago. Now, with this heat it is kind of in a holding pattern. So here is a pic of a beautiful butterfly bush in front of my daughter’s new home.

These bushes surround the front of her house!!!

I have a few blog ideas that have been swimming around in my ADD rattled brain, but seem to be having trouble getting them put on paper, or should I say in type.

So, while I am trying to figure out just what I want to write about, I will share some recent pics of my two of my granddaughters. The greyt spouse and I recently did an overnight with the girls so their mom and dad could get away for some adult (no kids) time.

Harper is 6 and is quite the crafty girl. I decided it was time to teach her how to knit.


I think she has a talent. She is doing amazing.

This morning she even remember how and needs very little help.


This is Lydia. In a couple of years hopefully she will be ready to take up the hobby!

Happy blogging!


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