Hello and Happy End Of The Year to everyone.

My blogging has been a bit non-existence this year. In the spring, I started thinking that most of my blogs are a bit self-centered and felt that I should try and expand what I have to say.

As you can tell by my lack of blogging, I have not had much success expanding the world around me. However, my year has been active, so next year I will have much to say about myself. lol

I just finished putting bows on the last of the Christmas gifts and had an idea to tell you about my bow making.

I have been making bows for a few decades, back before the luxury of wired-edge ribbon and buying it in bulk from Costco. I like making bows. It is shameful how much a big loopy bow costs, and the packages of 20-30 bows are cost effective, but just lack that personal touch. After all, you most likely have spent many hours pondering what to buy, not to mention hours going from one store to the next to then find the right gift.

So,… here is what I do.

I quickly wrap the gift. Gift-wrapping does not interest me. I am okay if the paper is a bit crooked. The ribbon often times is a bit off-center, front and back, looking like I had a glass or two of wine during wrapping.


In fact, it is not uncommon for me to short-change the gift with paper. But once you loop some ribbon around the box and finish it with a hand-made bow, who is even looking at the paper. Most people are only interested in one thing, . . What’s inside!

The ribbon does not always match the bow. I consider gift giving a happy occasion and it should be festive. The more colors, the brighter and happier the gift looks.


I also try to recycle my bows, so there may be remnants of gifts past peeking through.


Once the bow is repositioned, the remnants are not really noticed.

To make gift wrapping less stressful I will spend a day or two wrapping gifts, then a few days later put the ribbons and bows on. Also, I like to make the bows in advance.

Bows should be about 4 to 6 inches across. I think bigger is better. Loop the bow so there are 6 to 8 loops on each end.  Make one small loop in the center. Turn the loops over and cut a slit on each side of the ribbon. The cuts should almost go to the center of the ribbon, but be sure to stagger the cuts or you will end up a bunch of clipped ribbon.

I then secure the bow with several inches of curling ribbon. You can be a perfectionist and use the same color, or just pick any color. Do not cut the ends off the curling ribbon, leave them long for later.  Pull the loops up one at a time and give them a gentle twist. This is where the almost dissection of the ribbon pays off, letting the bow remain full and open.


And there you go. A very pretty bow.

Now,  remember the long ends of the curling ribbon. I use them to wrap around the handles of the gift bag and tie them into a bow. The bow stays in place at the top of the gift bag. It also closes the bag a bit so it is not so easy to peek through the tissue paper.  The bow on the curling ribbon can then be untied, thus saving the the bow for future recycling.



Sometimes I just like to make a simple bow.


Finally, to give a gift that very special look, I will cut long lengths of curling ribbon, curl it using the sharp edge of  my scissors, fold it three or four times and drape it around the bow and package. I then cut the folds and position the ribbon through the loops of the bow and around the bag.




2 thoughts on “RIBBONS n BOWS

  1. Deb,

    Very cool blog! Love the photos and the step by step instructions. I can now confidently move forward making beautiful bows Thanks to you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Dave! I cherish your friendship and listening ear.

    Love you, Carol

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