what to blog about?


Last year I stopped blogging.

I am an addicted knitter, which gives me a lot of time to think. I felt that my blogs were mostly about me and my knitting. Kinda self-centered, huh! So I took a break and tried to think of more interesting topics. The few blogs I did write, I did not publish. By the time I got around to proofreading them, they seemed outdated. Or, I just did not finish them.  A couple, I have saved and may use in the future.

So, after many months of thinking and contemplating, I am going to make a better effort at blogging.

Have I thought up more interesting topics? No really! So, I will just blog about my favorite topic, knitting, and use my favorite subject, me! ! !

I do have a lot to share from last year, so here are a few teaser pics.

And this year has been very exciting so far.


As I write this, my ADD is kicking in and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything I want to share. The Greyt Spouse and I have had some fun trips,

then there are my boys, Toby and Vinny,

my knitting will be a HUGE subject,


and I may find time to include kids and grandkids. lol

It snowed a bit last night and this morning is a cool 9 degrees. I will now snuggle up in my favorite chair with a warm blanket and  knitted shawl, and return to my current knitting project and think about how to share my next blog.


P.S. I wrote this blog about 3 weeks ago and thought I had posted it. Just now realized that I did not.

So, yes, I am still neglecting my blogging, but have a very good excuse. I have several projects and some necessary house cleaning items that need to be completed by the end of March.  I only have two more projects to do that will only take a couple of days to complete. There is one knitting project that will take several days to complete, but I think I will make the deadline.

Me and the greyt spouse are taking a trip our second trip this year in April to visit friends and family. I will share this adventure when I return along with my recently completed projects.

Once again, HAPPY BLOGGING AND KNITTING. Let’s see if I can successfully post this time.


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