A Crafty Room

Although most of my time has been spent working on ERIN’s BUNNY, I have been able to work in a few other projects.

Recently, I acquired an extra bedroom that I have been busily turning into my craft room. Gone is the double-size bunk bed. My oversized chair has found a space in my bedroom. The chest of drawers remains, it is greyt for storing yarn! The closest also makes greyt yarn storage, business supply and office area. (I know you keep hearing the word business from me and one day I will stop procrastinating and surprise everyone with my mini shop of crafts).

So, instead of the double-size bunk bed, there is now a queen-size futon!

img_2607Greyt color! It is not only comfortable to sit and knit, but I slept on it for a few hours and it passed the test. So now the room can also be a guest room!

The chair I have added is just awesome. I love it! Take a look,. . .

img_2613img_2764-4Cool, huh! And yes it is authentic 1970’s. You have to be jealous, right? This chair lived in the basement of my in-laws long before the greyt spouse and I ever met. And for the past 8 or 9 years has been in my basement. Finally, I was able to bring it out of the darkness. I think it goes perfect with the futon. The little side table is also compliments of my in-laws, circa 1970’s. I sent a hint to the greyt spouse that a lava lamp would be the perfect holiday gift and accent for the table.

The adorable quilted dog hanging was made for me by a co-worker several years ago for my fiftieth birthday. I love this hanging and am so glad it has a permanent home. I never tire of looking at it and it always makes me smile.

img_2766Oops, I got side-tracked. So, what is on my needle? How about a knitted flower bed above the closest of my craft room. Not quite finished, but should be soon.

img_2763The grass has a fusible interface on the back and is held up by a couple of very small nails. To limit the amount of nail holes I am using those little plastic 3M hooks to attach the flowers. The ruffle type flowers are from the book “itty-bitty hats” by Susan B. Anderson. The pattern is felted flower child. As you can see, I did not felt the flowers. They are knitted using different weight yarns and the stems are crocheted. The five and six-point flowers is from ‘a flower petal pattern’ from ‘Miss Crafty Fingers”. I found this pattern on Ravelry, but it appears Miss Crafty Fingers is also a blogger.

img_2760-1img_2761-1The rug in front of the chest-of-drawers is recently off my needles. It is crocheted using the now defunct ribbon yarns. You remember them. They looked like a fat ribbon that you either knitted or crocheted then opened up for a very trendy, ruffle scarf! My LYS has shelves of this yarn that is even hard to move at a sale price. However, I think the rug is a greyt and fun idea!

The greyt spouse found the tropical appliqué in Panama. Due to some recent re-decorating our greyt room this “molas” as it is called in Panama lost it’s proud spot. However, what better home could it have then in my craft room.

br />img_2758img_2762The ceiling fan/light pulls are also a product of my craftiness. (I really should make some extras to put in my ‘not-yet-functioning-store)!

So, what do you think of my crafty, craft room!

My 1st knitted pattern

You may remember that I have been teasing you over the past months with pictures of a knitted bunny that I have been designing. Well, my design is finished and I have published the pattern. ERIN’s BUNNY is a free download on http://www.ravelry.com.

ERIN’s BUNNY, v. 1.2 test 2


Designing this bunny and creating a written pattern was quite the challenge. I will spare you the details of sleepless nights, numerous frogging, pattern rewrites and frustrations. Instead, I would like to brag.


There are many ways to make the bunny unique. You can add frills, flowers, bows and tie the ears up for a girl. You can keep it simple for a boy. Charms can be added around the neck to personalize it. You can use different weight yarns, including sock yarn for a mini size and attach a swivel hook so it can be used as a zipper pull for backpack, purse.

I am proud of this cuddly bunny. I devoted months to designing and writing. I have sold several to friends and have orders for the holidays.

I named the pattern for my daughter, Erin, and designed it around memories of her childhood.


Erin lives in a group home in Laramie, WY.  She has several special needs. However, she is full of smiles, has a greyt sense of humor, and is always ready to give you her special bone-crushing hug. Erin has always been fascinated with things that are floppy and will spend hours shaking it. Thus, ERIN’s BUNNY is very floppy.

Next item  on my list of to do’s, . . .  a floppy panda bear that will be named ERIN’s PANDA. The pattern should be available around the first of the new year.




Things are changing. The trees seem to be turning early this year. We just had our first snow! Politics, . . I am not even going to go there!!!! And my blog site is changing.

In the next few weeks I will be making changes. So, if things look incomplete or or do not make sense, you would be correct.

For some reason, these changes are difficult for me. One problem is that I should be making these changes on the website vs. the app. I have never had any computer classes. As a nurse I did use a computer quite a bit. I was very adept at ordering x-rays and diets, charting meds and when my patient “appears to sleep” (only an older nurse will understand that comment!

So back to computer vs. iPad apps. Don’t you think they should function the same? Well, I am finding out computer people do not think so.

I will continue to blog about my addiction to knitting and love of greyhounds.  Occasionally, I will talk about other interests, such as family, or things happening.

The main changes I want to make is in the menu and to add my on-line store.

So, while you are waiting for my store to open for business, here are a few items to tease you.

Okay, so much for teasing you. It seems I have done something so my photos only download in text form.

See you soon, I hope.

A Trip to Lake Powell

Vacations have been few and far apart for the greyt spouse and I over the past several years.  I was fortunate to go to Hawaii earlier this year with the greyt son and his greyt family and friends. I posted pics in a previous blog. 

In July the greyt spouse and I drove to to Lake Powell to visit friends. We went through Moab driving along Highway 128 off of I-70. It is a two lane road, but the views were awesome.

This archway is pretty cool. I took the pic along the roadside,  so I am a distance from it. It is hard to appreciate the size until you look closely and notice there are people standing below the arch.

The greyt spouse.

The rock formations just pop up from the ground. And the color palette is beautiful.

From Moab we took 191 to 160 to travel down to Page, Arizona. I’m thinking this is a total of a 10-12 hour drive on mostly 2 lane highway, and desert views will be rather boring. I was so wrong. The spectacular scenery really cut into my planned knitting time!

 The entire drive was very beautiful. Just out of nowhere we would see these huge mounds of rock with such unique formations!

And the drive was over before we new it. 

So, our greyt friends, Dave and Sherry, have this little boat on Lake Powell. Just kidding, it is not little.  

The next 5 pics are from a cruise boat tour. I am just amazed at the lines, colors and shapes.

Unfortunately, the weather, although hot, was a bit windy creating choppy waters. So we did not get a personal tour of the lake on Dave and Sherry’s boat. However, it had been about two years since we last seen our friends, so we have plenty of time to visit and catch up.

The windy days did give us an opportunity to drive to the Grand Canyon for a day with our greyt friends. The views were beautiful and I just do not have the words to describe this natural wonder.

Back to Lake Powell and a camp out on the boat. We spent our last night on Lake Powell sleeping on Gemini. Dave and Sherry very graciously offered their stateroom to us. However, the greyt spouse and I thought it would be more fun and memorable to sleep under the stars. And it was. I purposely woke up several times just to admire the quiet and the expanse of stars. I woke early to take pics of the sunrise.

We left our friends, giving lots of hugs and well-wishes and plans to return soon. As we were heading home, I realized that I did not take any pics of out greyt friends. Silly me, my camera was always pointed at the surrounding scenery, hoping to achieve that one greyt pic.

First stop on the road home, Four Corner. A place where the corners of the states of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona meet. It is a very popular tourist destination and a chance for me to find my last souvenirs. There are hand crafted items by Native Americans and the booths are arranged so there is one in each state. Wow, there is no other place where you can shop and buy souvenirs from four different states at just one stop!

“X” literally marks the spot. Or is it a plus (+). 

Back on the road with more spectacular rock sprouting.

We spent the night in Alamosa, Colorado. The next morning we traveled to the Great Sand Dunes.

Did I say ‘sand dunes’, in Colorado? Yes I did. Now explain to me how there are sand dunes in the middle of the United States. The Great Sand Dunes are the tallest on the North American continent and are located in the Sanger de Cristo Mountains.  Formed over thousands of years from sand deposited by mountain streams and reverse storm winds. The sand is constantly being recycled through freezing weather, melting snow, the mountain streams and of course the wind.   A very awesome site. 

I enlarged this greyt pic for our home. Not sure where it’s final resting place will be.


Now this couple had the right idea. Lounging under an umbrella while the grandkids sand skied on the dunes.
Yes, you can rent sand boards, rub the bottoms with wax and ski down the dunes.

I think next year we should plan a trip with the greyt grandkids. What a greyt beach vacation! And then we can visit the alligator farm. Yes, there is an alligator farm in the middle of Colorado. 
The trip was fun and refreshing. However, it is greyt to be home where the scenery is a rich green with a variety of trees, colorful flowers. And a short walk around our neighbor with greyt views of the Rocky Mountains!!

On MyNeedles 

What’s on my needles? Not a lot lately, lol. On second thought, let me rephrase. I have several projects started; one sock with no mate, 1 summer top, 2 winter tops (one of which will probably be frogged), a hitchhiker, another scarf, a temperature blanket, a Find Your Fade (which may just fade completely away). All these projects are sitting  in a recently reorganized knitting niche. 

But not all my needles are sitting idol,..

Recently  I talked about these cute floppy bunnies I have been making. Yes, this is where my needles have been clicking away this whole summer. I have been very busy knitting these floppy bunnies. Not sure how many I have made, but it is a lot.

So after many late nights, early mornings and totally sleepless nights, I am close to the finish line. I have written and rewritten the pattern at least a dozen times, 

and this is the final result!

Even before my final version, I managed to sell a few. That has been  very encouraging! The owner of my LYS has agreed to sell some of the bunnies on consignment and will work with me to sell the pattern. Wow!

Okay, speaking of pattern, I had no idea how much work is involved in creating a pattern that is easy to read, makes sense to others and hopefully spark the interest of the public. I think I am very close to a printable version! My BKB (best knitting buddy) is helping me proof the pattern. Not only is she helping proof, but she has these fabulous ideas for design and layout that will create a knockout pattern.

Once ERIN’s BUNNY is launched, I hope to create a series of floppies called ERIN’s FLOPPIES. In fact, there is a new one coming soon.   I named the series after my daughter, Erin.  Erin has special needs and I spoke about her in a previous blog called, ERIN’s FLOPPIES.  

Making  these bunnies have made me think about launching a small shop. I could sell some of my stitch markers, . . 

Maybe a few earrings and zipper pulls, . . .

Did I mention that I used to make homemade lotions and lip balms? !

Huh! What should  I call  a shop of this nature? I do like greyhounds. How can I fit my love of greyhounds into a small craft shop.

STAY TUNED,  and happy blogging, knitting and just enjoying what is left of summer.

Hawaii, part II

Oahu is 44 miles long and 30 miles across, 597 sq. mi. The continental US is 3.797 million sq. mi., 2800 miles across and 1582 vertical miles. 

It only takes 2-1/2 hours to drive the shoreline of Oahu. Every bit of the drive is filled with very blue skies, blue and turquoise water.  Trees and foliage are very different from what I have seen before.  I grew up in Nebraska and and have lived in Wyoming and Colorado. I have traveled, but the scenery on Oahu is like entering a different world. 

A different look from the Rocky Mountains!?

This plant is normally a house plant where I live, in Hawaii, it is a TREE!

An early morning walk gave me a chance to take some fun pics.

Chickens run wild on the island and help keep the bug population down.


Close friends of my son’s family joined us for our trip, Kat, Adam and their son, Max, who celebrated his first birthday while here.

Seriously mummy! I was fine without the vest. So you think l will float now? Let’s hope I do it belly up!
Who would have thought that eating shrimp from a food truck could taste so good and be safe to eat!!!

The original food truck.

We brought our own master chef along for the trip. Adam served up humongous hamburgers, steaks,  marlin, ono and ahi. The  shrimp were the the biggest, fattest I have every eaten. The Ahi was served over a bed of fresh greens and a reduction of, . . . . awesome something!?!

Roadside fruit stands with fresh coconut water. I learned that when the coconut is still green, the liquid is water. After the coconut ripens, it becomes coconut milk.

A forest fire on a tropical island? Yes, they do happen.  This was just south of the beach where we were staying. We even saw a helicopter dropping buckets of water. It took about 24 hours to put it out.

Final destination before the airport, Waikiki Beach, a greyt view of Diamond Head and, …

a stop at the famous Dukes and their signature lava flow drink.

After eleven days of beach, surf, sand and sun, it is time to return to reality. A very long ‘red-eye’ flight home and a suitcase packed with souvenirs, memories, and a little sand!


I have been very busy lately. Travel, weeding flower beds, gardening. It seems that I have not been knitting or posting, but have actually done a lot of knitting. But my knitting is all the same project. 

I discovered an adoreable pattern for a softie and have made several for my grandkids. Friends have started to ask if I would make one for them. The pattern I have been using is copyrighted and has a disclaimer that the designer does not want the pattern used to make profit on knitted items. That is somewhat limiting. Yes, I have made several, gifted them and they have been happily received. 

So this started me thinking about copyrights. What I have discovered is that it may or may not be legal to make a profit from knitted items with this disclaimer. I’m thinking that if the designer feels so strongly about her patterns, maybe it is time for me to design my own pattern.

Part of June and most of July I have been busy writing this pattern and revising it.

With each revision it becomes cuter. 

While busy clicking away on my needles, the gears of my mind turned with all these greyt ideas. Maybe I can publish this pattern. What about a copyright. What if I make different sizes.

How about a mini bunny!

How about adding a hook to this mini. It can now be attached to a backpack or used for a zipper pull. Or maybe attached to a belt loop on jeans or shorts.

I am almost done with my revisions. I still have a few kinks to work out, but I could not resist sharing with you and getting your thoughts and ideas.

I am still checking out copyrights and thinking about publishing. I am also thinking about designing other animals.

Oh, by the way, I have named it ‘ERIN’S FLOPPY’, in honor of my youngest daughter.  Erin was born with a severe learning disability, mild cerebral palsy and autism. As a toddler and child she loved anything floppy, socks, sleeves on a shirt, you name it. She would spend hours shaking these items and it was hard to find toys that were floppy. As she has grown up, she has never lost her interest in floppies. 

Here’s to you sweet Erin. 

HAWAII, part I

My son, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, me and grandson.

WOW! I went to Hawaii for the first time! And it was totally awesome! !  The sunsets are spectacular over the water. This pic is overlooking Waimea Bay.  There was a restaurant just across the road that is all open bays, so you can view the ocean as you eat.

We stayed on the island of Oahu. My daughter-in-law lived and worked there for several years. She is a little water baby and surfer, so she knew all the best places to take me to. Unfortunately, I did not get to see her surf. She keeps her board on the island with a friend and it was recently stolen. 

We rented a VRBO (vacation rental by owner. I discovered the pure joy of an outdoor shower. Yes, the main benefit is you do not track sand from the beach into the house. I however,  liked the freedom of showering outdoors. I was under the open sky and warm sun. No steamy bathroom to contend with. There was a walking path along the fence. It was kinda exhilarating to be naked, outside, but yet in private, hearing the conversations of people walking by!

This was one of four bedrooms. I immediately claimed it for the awesome knitting chair, and yes, I did find time to knit.

Keikei Beach, where we stayed and just south of famous Sunset Beach

I am not a strong swimmer and a bit wimpy in the water. However, the grandkids loved getting beat up by the waves and spent hours doing so. The sand was so deep walking was difficult and frequently my feet would sink up to my ankles. 

At Waimea Bay,  kids love jumping off the cliff. The girl in the blue top with her arms spread out, getting reading to jump is my granddaughter. She was fearless when climbing the on the slippery rocks and when jumping, which she did about 25 times! The next two pics are me and my grandson swimming with a sea turtle.

Lani Kai Beach was great. The surf was gentle, we did some snorkeling,  The sand was soft and fine. 

Time out for knitting and sand castles!

I even got stung by a jellyfish!

A break from the beaches at Makapu’u Lookout. 

The sea cliffs have been formed over time by the wind and surf. Very beautiful and very windy. 

We visited the beach at Bellow Air Force Base. 

The sand was like fine powdered sugar. We rented boogie boards for the kids to ride. I was even able to catch a kiddie wave and ride it to shore.  Wow, riding a boogie board was not on my bucket list, but so glad I had the experience.  I have no pics of this greyt event, yet. I am waiting for my son to download and forward it to me. 
Meanwhile back on the homefront, Vinny survived another thunderstorm!

Time to take a break. I will share more pics with you soon!


Today is the 4th of July. The United States of America is free from the  tyranny of Great Britain.  Hmmm,……

Things have changed a lot in two hundred and forty-plus years. Great Britain is one of our closest allies. Now we fight against terrorism and other factions that want to take over and rule the world. Why can we not all be happy in our own little niche and accept the differences around us. 

Many countries have had to fight for their freedom. I recently visited Pearl Harbor and the Arizona Memorial. Over one thousand men are still buried within this ship.

Every few seconds oil still bubbles to the surface. It is as if the ship is saying, “Remember me! I am still here and I have not quite given up yet.”

There were many men on that ship whose origins were from different countries. That is one of the foundations of this country. You can be free here. Free to say what you want, free to worship and live how you chose. Freedom from fear that you will not be punished for how you chose to live or who you are.

 Freedom, that is one thing greyt about this country. But what about tolerance and acceptance as part of that freedom. Accept your neighbor for their differences. They have good things to share with us. 

Let’s show the world that we can live together and get along with our neighbor. Some of their beliefs and culture may be different, but they want what we all want. To practice their way of life without someone punishing them or trying to change them. We all want freedom to have a good life and to live in peace!

Wishing everyone around the world a day of freedom, tolerance, peace, acceptance.


If you have been reading my blogs you know that I have fallen behind for a couple of months  and have been contemplating how best to get caught up.  Do I bore you with a chronological order of all that I have been doing. Or do I just jump in and do it in a hodge-podge kind of way.

 I have decided to not go into detail, but just jump in and hit some of the highlights. The little details will just go away until another time, if at all. 

Beading is back! ! My first stitch markers!
BEADING is what has been consuming my interest the past few months. I got together with my BKB (best knitting buddy) and revived this old hobby.  BKB and I have tossed around an idea of making beaded stitch markers and possibly selling them, maybe on an Etsy shop of just locally. 

For those who do not know me, I never begin a new hobby without immersing myself in it to the point of almost drowning and becoming financially broke. To the relief of the greyt spouse and my credit card,  I dragged a humongous suitcase from the basement filled with my old stash of beads from several years ago. 

BKB and I drooled over these glistening gems. It was almost overload for me, I did not know where to start. 

These beauties are hand crafted glass! With onyx beads, Swarovski crystal beads and sterling silver flex wire are too precious to sell. They now belong to me.(This will have to go on the lost side of inventory. lol)

It wasn’t long before I was back in the groove and thinking of nothing but the next bead project. My knitting needles were calling to me, but I could not hear them. So sadly, many WIPs have been neglected. The sparkle of the beads are hard for me to resist. 

To take a break from beaded stitch markers, I started putting together earrings for myself and family members.

Zipper pulls for backpacks
I went shopping for some sunglasses and took time to knit a case for them from some stash yarn. My pattern, on Ravelry.  I used some ribbon yarn from my stash, along with an old button.  Hmm,… maybe this is an item I could whip up and sell in my little shop. 
Then back to more stitch  markers.

Hawaii is soon approaching and I think some special jewelry is required.

The three bigger ones are for myself, my daughter-in-law, and a friend. The small one is for the granddaughter.

I made these for my daughter-in-law, a friend and myself. The cute little ones are for the granddaughter, and she immediately put them in her cute little ears. 

Okay, the creative juices have really started flowing. MACRAME!  Macrame bracelets for the grandkids with some decorative beads. Once upon a time,  I also did macrame. In fact, I saved all my old books on macrame. 
 More jewelry for more granddaughters. 

So far I have been able t resist the temptation to buy more beads, for the most part. Only shopping for the findings needed to make stitch markers and earrings. 

I will end by saying that I have had some luck in selling some of my pieces already! To the ladies of my knit group! And, one of the ladies in my neighborhood commented on a pair of earrings I was wearing. Besides saying ‘thank you’ and I also added that she could also have a pair for a nominal fee! She took me up on my offer immediately! My daughter-in-law also liked a pair I had made. Due to her family connections, there will be no charge to her. (Hopefully she will do some free advertising for me!)

Maybe I should give some more serious thought to starting a small sho