If you have been reading my blogs you know that I have fallen behind for a couple of months  and have been contemplating how best to get caught up.  Do I bore you with a chronological order of all that I have been doing. Or do I just jump in and do it in a hodge-podge kind of way.

 I have decided to not go into detail, but just jump in and hit some of the highlights. The little details will just go away until another time, if at all. 

Beading is back! ! My first stitch markers!
BEADING is what has been consuming my interest the past few months. I got together with my BKB (best knitting buddy) and revived this old hobby.  BKB and I have tossed around an idea of making beaded stitch markers and possibly selling them, maybe on an Etsy shop of just locally. 

For those who do not know me, I never begin a new hobby without immersing myself in it to the point of almost drowning and becoming financially broke. To the relief of the greyt spouse and my credit card,  I dragged a humongous suitcase from the basement filled with my old stash of beads from several years ago. 

BKB and I drooled over these glistening gems. It was almost overload for me, I did not know where to start. 

These beauties are hand crafted glass! With onyx beads, Swarovski crystal beads and sterling silver flex wire are too precious to sell. They now belong to me.(This will have to go on the lost side of inventory. lol)

It wasn’t long before I was back in the groove and thinking of nothing but the next bead project. My knitting needles were calling to me, but I could not hear them. So sadly, many WIPs have been neglected. The sparkle of the beads are hard for me to resist. 

To take a break from beaded stitch markers, I started putting together earrings for myself and family members.

Zipper pulls for backpacks
I went shopping for some sunglasses and took time to knit a case for them from some stash yarn. My pattern, on Ravelry.  I used some ribbon yarn from my stash, along with an old button.  Hmm,… maybe this is an item I could whip up and sell in my little shop. 
Then back to more stitch  markers.

Hawaii is soon approaching and I think some special jewelry is required.

The three bigger ones are for myself, my daughter-in-law, and a friend. The small one is for the granddaughter.

I made these for my daughter-in-law, a friend and myself. The cute little ones are for the granddaughter, and she immediately put them in her cute little ears. 

Okay, the creative juices have really started flowing. MACRAME!  Macrame bracelets for the grandkids with some decorative beads. Once upon a time,  I also did macrame. In fact, I saved all my old books on macrame. 
 More jewelry for more granddaughters. 

So far I have been able t resist the temptation to buy more beads, for the most part. Only shopping for the findings needed to make stitch markers and earrings. 

I will end by saying that I have had some luck in selling some of my pieces already! To the ladies of my knit group! And, one of the ladies in my neighborhood commented on a pair of earrings I was wearing. Besides saying ‘thank you’ and I also added that she could also have a pair for a nominal fee! She took me up on my offer immediately! My daughter-in-law also liked a pair I had made. Due to her family connections, there will be no charge to her. (Hopefully she will do some free advertising for me!)

Maybe I should give some more serious thought to starting a small sho


Okay, it has been almost two months since I have shared with you or even read the bloggers that I follow.   These two months have been very busy, some expected, some unexpected. I am finally caught up on my reading, so now it is time to write.

Before I bore you with vacation photos, my next two blogs will be catching up.

In the last part of April and May we had our usual spring snow storm. Usually we only have one major, but this year we had two followed by a month of rain and more rain and freezing temperatures.

Bloomin’ buckets taken April 28, 2017.

WOW! Check out that grass. Credit goes 100% to the greyt spouse. He manages the lawn. I do the flower beds and veggie garden.

Having a very mild winter brings spring flowers earlier than usually. And this year they looked even better. My crop of tulips were awesome. Check out my blog on ‘Springtime’.

As you can see, it takes some creativity to find enough covers to protect  everything from a very wet and heavy snow. Sometimes you just have to pick what to save and what to let go. So, I picked what was left of the tulips and daffodils and brightened up my kitchen and mother-in-law’s room as we looked out our windows at this,…

Notice the christmas cactus has blooms!?! This silly thing blooms through out the winter months, except Christmas time. And only small sections bloom at a time.  I don’t know much about habits of this cactus, but you would think with the name Christmas  cactus, that it would bloom during the Christmas season. Thanksgiving, yes. Christmas, no. Valentines and St. Patrick’s, yes. April showers, yes, or more like April snowstorm.

And nights of using a broom to knock snow loose so we do not end up wit broken tree limbs.

After a couple of days, we were able to get out and walk the dogs. FYI, most greyhound owners may be offended with this next pic of because Vinny  is not wrapped up in a cute, thick fluffy coat and think I am neglecting my dog. But,…

Vinny loves the snow and loves to lay in it.  Silly dog. He is not a fan of summer heat (which we are now in) and is already refusing to take long walks.  And the temperature is just mid 60s and low 70s with are morning walks. But, walk him in the cold, he is a happy camper. If there is snow, he makes several rest stops in it and happily checks out the neighborhood.

We survived the snow and excessive rain, along with below freezing temperatures. Soon I will share some pics of my summer flowers and gardens.


A Reason for Celebration! You Lucky Dog!

One year ago our sweet greyhound, Vinny, was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. And he was not even 5 years old, yet. It was discovered after a trip to the dentist for some oral surgery, that he had developed a murmur. For those of you with a limited medical background, cardiomyopathy is an enlargement of the heart muscle. This leads to  thickening of the muscle and a weakened pump.  It is a progressive disease that can also cause arrhythmias (irregular or dangerous heart rhythms) or sudden death. No cause could be determined, it was thought to be genetic or just an anomaly.  Being a critical care nurse for the majority of my nursing career, I am quite aware of how devastating this disease can be.

So, the greyt spouse and I came to terms with Vinny’s diagnosis and were ready to give him the best that we could and enjoy him for however long he would be with us.

Yesterday, one year later, we repeated his echocardiogram. I calmly waited to hear from our vet  to call. Vinny has been doing very well this past year. His energy levels were good, there has been no signs of coughing or signs that he tires easily. I was not expecting a bad report, but I did not expect the vet to say that he heart is,….NORMAL! 

What? This is not a disease that returns to normal, normally. The explanation from the vet and cardiologist is that for some unknown reason Vinny developed a viral infection that affected his heart. Most viral infections are self-limiting and the heart muscle will return to normal or near-normal function over time.  However, viral cardiomyopathy is not a common occurrence in humans, even rarer in dogs and the first case my vet has seen in her career.
So gone  are the twice daily horse pills that cost about $100.00 a month. Along with routine trips to the vet for blood work that made Vinny shake worse than the Energizer Bunny on uppers.   He will need another echocardiogram in a few months, just to make sure there are no changes. 

I love kissing big-nosed dogs!
Trying to hide during a thunderstorm
He always crosses he front paws in this manner
Not sure what he is thinking with this look. But I get it often.
Guess how many different beds I have?
The many sleeping positions of a greyhound

The greyt spouse and I now look forward to many, many years with this silly dog whose talks to us, roos at us for taking too long to get ready for a walk and whose tail wags like a broken spring!

Vinny, here’s to many, many years of walks, dreams of rabbit hunting, treats and lots of love! Now if only we could cure Vinny’s corns, so that his walks could be pain-free.

2 more HOTN! (Hot Off The Needles)

This little thing is called, ‘Let’s Get Lost’ Scarf. It is the third one I have made. The two previous went to my daughters. It’s a fun make and the different colors and pattern change kept me from getting bored. Information can be found on Ravelry under ‘frazzldknitter’. I used Madelinetosh sock. 

Imagine When Shawl, by Joji. I made this last year for one of my daughters. The shawl is made in sectiions and the size can be adjusted according to the number of repeats completed in section two.  The remaining sections are worked in short rows. 

So nearly a year later, I finished one for me. I also used Three Irish Girls yarn, the colorway is Chambray. I definitely wanted a shawl, so I added even more repeats than on the first shawl.

Isn’t this awesome. The sizing turned out perfect. The only down side is I underestimated the amount of yarn I would need. My LYS did not have any more, so I ordered from TIGs website. There is a difference in the color. I tried to minimize change in color by alternating rows of new and old yarn. 

Do you see the change in color, or is it just a shadow? Well, once I am wrapped up in it, you will only see how pretty it is.

How about bonbon bunnies for the grand daughters?

And, can you guess what this is going to be? ! ?


Springtime, visiting family, a Cute Yarn Shop

I love this time of year. And this year is exceptional.  Yes, we did get a couple of spring snows, but it was only a few inches. Not the foot we could have gotten. So my daffodils and tulips look better than ever.

The front right side bed.
The front side yard.
Part of the back yard.

And Yes,… if you are thinking that the porch would be a perfect place to sit with my neighbor this evening and share a glass of wine, or two. That is exactly what the greyt spouse and I will be doing!

I went to Lincoln this week to visit my brother. Also, was able to catch up with my nephew and his beautiful wife. They just had a house built and moved in a few months ago. They did a spectacular job designing it. It is very open, modern and has a fantastic porch that looks out over the lake.  I could not think of a better place to be. Congratulations on designing the perfect home.

My brother and I always check out the latest movies when I visit. We saw, ‘Going in Style”, a very cute and charming movie. I love movies about old people who decided that living a quiet, retired life is not okay and that they are not going to standby while life tries to screw them. We also saw ‘Kong: Skull Island’. I have not seen a Kong movie since Jessica Lang was the damsel in distress. There was no damsel distressed in this movie, but a  couple of the characters definitely wished they had thought things through better and maybe  have come up with a different plan. Hehe! 

Jim is smiling. At least, I think he is smiling. He said he was smiling!
He likes to make people think he is this big scary guy. Really, he can be quite cuddly, if you are not afraid to stand your ground!

Before leaving Lincoln, I found this little yarn shop called,…

The owner was very friendly and helpful. A while back I found this pattern call,  ‘DaVinci Code Cowl’ by Mary-Ann Lammers. It is a planned pooling cowl and I loved the yarn she used. I found that yarn at The Yarn Shop! 

The shop also had the most amazing selections of buttons. The little sea turtle is a button I plan to turn into a shawl pin for a scarf I am currently making. 

One the way home I made a stop in Kearney to visit my niece, Crystal.  It is always fun to spend time with her. She is so vibrant and upbeat. We had dinner at the local grill, followed by a taste of Kearney’s local theater group that her mother is currently working with. The play is called, ‘The Hat Maker’s Wife’, or something like that. I enjoyed their practice. For a small town, I think they did a grand job. Of course the three of us ended the evening with wine and getting caught up. Mostly I did a lot of bragging about my knitting and blog site. 

The morning was a short visit with Crystal’s kids. Unfortunately Oliver had to rush off to school, but Maura was very entertaining and did not take long for her to warm up to me. 

I headed home after making Crystal promise to bring the kids and come visit this summer.

One more thing. The Yarn shop in Lincoln had some cute T-shirts. This one found it’s way into my shopping bag before I left the store.

I think it is appropriate for this addicted knitter!

Yarn Festival and Eye Candy

This past week my BKB (Best Knitting Buddy) and I went to the Interweave Yarn Festival in Loveland, CO.  This was a new experience for me. It is an awesome annual event packed with every kind of class and workshop you could dream up. And a huge convention room full of eye candy. I immediately went berserk, but my BKB said, ‘Deb, do not buy anything, and I mean anything, until we have walked the whole floor.’ She was right, I think almost every booth had something I wanted. But, I took some very deep gulps of air and restrained myself until the end and only chose what I could not resist.   

Come to me my precious pretties!

I tried to stick with items that are not usually carried by my LYS. Unfortunately, I could not get everything I wanted on this first visit. But next year, I will be better prepared. And I did sneak lots of business cards just encase I cannot wait a whole year!

Cat Mountain Fibers. I am thinking a throw for the sofa? What do you think.  I have knitted with her yarn before. In fact it is almost my favorite knitted item, a beautiful short-rows shawl full of colors that remind me of living in Colorado, which is where this yarn is made. You can see the shawl in my blog titled, ‘WIP DONE!!! Along With A Shawl’ 

I found a table with beautiful hand-crafted spindles from Greensleeves Spindles. I am a sucker for hand-crafted items. And my BKB said,  ‘I can teach you how.’  SOLD, and let’s go find some fibers to spin. The Malabrigo with be a good one to learn with before I start on the Lisa Souza fiber of super merino, cashmere and tussah. To touch this fiber, it is like being reincarnated as a cat. I not only nuzzled it, but you have to sink you claws (I mean fingers through it), and wrap it around your neck. I think this fiber should be called ‘ambrosia to the touch’.  Oops, I got distracted, from telling you what tussah is. Silk, that’s what it is. Now I understand why it is so touchable, cashmere and silk!

This walnut and ambrosia maple yarn bowl was also made by Greensleeves Spindles. I have used it the last couple of days and really like it. 

Beautiful hand-crafted beads by Glorieta Glassworks. I’m seeing stitch markers and a unique necklace. And some discounted necklaces. $15.00 each. No way could I buy the beads to make it for that price. Check out

Okay, the wooden earrings are from Favour Valley Woodworking. She makes awesome buttons that I have used on a couple of previous knitted garments. So, having earring to match will look awesome! The shawl pin is from Lickinflames. Very unique, my LYS was next door to this booth and the owner heard me talking about how I love hand-crafted and unusual items. I hope I could talk her into carrying some of his products. 

I have succumbed to the ‘Find you Fade’ trend.  I cannot resist any longer. Yarns are from Wooly Wonka at, Western Sky Yarn at www, western, and the oddball, Knerd String at I am hoping to complete a couple of projects before starting, but these yarns are strong and are  calling me and I am having a had time ignoring them.

Last, but not least,  is this from Western Sky Yarn.  Originally was going to use it with the Fade, but it got pushed out by other colors that looked better. Not sure what it will become when it grows up, but am sure it will look spectacular. Aren’t those colors amazing.


Picking UP Stitches, OMG!

I am just about finished with a summer tunic. I started it a year ago, and had hopes of wearing it for summer and the fall last year. But for some reason I just couldn’t get into knitting it. After completing about half of the back, it has sat dormant.

A couple of weeks ago it started bugging me.  I have about 6 or 7 projects on my needles and want to get some objects completed so that I can start some new ones, without feeling guilty about the old ones. So, I targeted my White Tunic Top. The pattern is Crisp Rectangle Tunic by Stefanie Japel, from her book, ‘Fitted Knits, 25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter’. This  top is made from side to side and the random striping really caught my eye along with the tunic length. 

Completing the front and back did not take me long. However, this pattern is deceptive. It looks simple, and for the most part it is, but it ends up with a fair amount of detail. Picking up stitches is something I really, really do not like. It seems that no matter what little tricks I try, there will be gaps or it just does not look smooth. This garment became my challenge. I tried knit pick-ups, purl pick-ups, knit through back loop, picking up from right side, then wrong side, and lots of ripping out. Really, I mean a lot of ripping. And, in the end, it all looked about the same. So, I picked-up stitches to do the sleeves, (both sides, and front and back). Then, I picked-up stitches to do the neckline, front and back. Did I mention, that I hate picking up stitches! Last I picked-up stitches around the bottom to finish the garment. If someone wants practice picking up stitches, this is definitely the project for you!

I started sewing up the side seems, and just did not care for the look, so I thought I would try a crocheted finish. Have I told you that I do not like crocheting.  Well, it is right next to picking up stitches. My mother taught me as a child. I am left handed and she taught me right-handed. Thus, it has always been awkward for me. Plus, that little hook really does not do what you want it too. It splits the yarn, gets caught on the wrong threads, drops the loop you are trying to make and I am doing this with my right hand. Enough, I said to myself. I am a fairly smart person, and being left-handed in a right-handed world, I have had to learn to adjust. So, I should be able to adjust and crochet backwards, right?

So, I am getting the hang of it. I know I could have checked out you tube for a video, but I like a challenge and the struggle gives me something to complain about. It took several hours and some ripping, but I DID IT! You are now asking me if I am ready to take up crocheting, ABSOLUTELY, NOT! Doing it left-handed was a bit simpler, with fewer dropped loops and splitting of the yarn, but still very frustrating. I will stay with my two straight needles, thank you very much. That hook is just evil.

I do like the look of the crochet side seam. It blends in nicely with the design of the garment. I am patting myself on the back that this one. 

I’m only putting two buttons on each side. I decided to sew the neck to shoulder closed and just leave the sleeve open. I also did stockinette stitch on sleeves and bottom, instead of seed stitch. And I left a slit on each side at the border of the tunic. 

I love the buttons. They are from a company in Henniker, NH, called Favour Valley Woodworking. I have also used the buttons on another garment I made. The website is

I really like the end product  and can’t wait to start wearing it.



Ladies Weekend Retreat and a Shawl

Hello, it has been awhile since I wrote something. I have been busy and and do have several things I can share, but for some reason I did not seem to have the words.

Last weekend my neighbor and friend, Nancy, invited me to the mountains for a girls retreat. Her S/O, Jim, has a beautiful log cabin up near Steamboat. Jim was out of town, so it was a perfect time for us to go, along with her dog, Missy. 

The snow is melting fast up in the high country. Elevation is about 8500 feet and there was only about 2 to 3 feet of snow left. The dirt roads were dry, so we were able to walk the area. We met some of the neighbors along the way and Nancy was able to catch up on the doings of the neighborhood.  Afterwards we came back and had happy hour on the deck. Missy was happy after her walk and was content to sit at our feet while we enjoyed the view of gently sloping hills and the sounds of birds. Besides the crows and magpies, we also saw a couple of mountain blue jays and a blue bird. 

We had a small fire in the fireplace, soup for dinner, girl talk, more wine and a couple of girlie movies.  And of course, I had my knitting, which I will show you in a minute.

This was the sunrise the first morning. I’m not usually an early riser, but felt like I really wanted to take advantage of the weekend and Nature was very accommodating. 

The next day we spent in Steamboat for lunch and some window shopping. Okay, it was a bit more then window shopping. I love to browse shops. Many are the  usual tourist stuff.  But there are always those that have unique gifts.  Some which are hand crafted. Unfortunately, many were beyond my pocket book. I just could not find a way to justify with the greyt spouse why we needed this extremely large geode made into a beautiful coffee table. But is was fun to look at and dream, and I did make a few finds to bring home.  We also visited the town of Kremmling, just a few miles from the cabin. There is a small motel that has been converted by a group of local artist. The main part of the motel  is the gift shop. The individual motel rooms are workshops for the artists. I was able to get a good start on some Christmas gifts. There were different types of painting, jewelry, wood crafts, hand-tooled leather, art glass. There was even a small corner with some yarns that were hand-dyed. If you make it to Kremmling, it is definitely worth your time to visit. Or you can check out there website at

Here are a couple of trinkets that I could not resist!
Here are a couple of the trinkets I could not resist!

It was a greyt weekend and ended too soon. Thanks, Nancy, for bringing me along with you and Missy. And thanks to Jim for sharing his beautiful cabin. 

So,… my knitting for the weekend was a stash buster shawl. I started it a few weeks ago and was really ready to get it off my needles. It is made of worsted weight acrylic from my stash and is perfect when there is a bit of chill around the house.The idea came when I saw a scarf called ‘Suddenly, Gradient!’, by the Universal Yarn Team. 

Nancy had the greyt idea of adding the pocket. Now isn’t that a nice personal touch!

So long for now. HAPPY KNITTING TO YOU ALL. 


We had some very warm weather in February. In fact it was unseasonable warm, as the saying goes. One day the temperature was over 80 degrees! Can you believe that! 

 A few weeks ago I noticed the tulips were starting to sprout in my flower beds, which then triggered a desire to clean out the beds of winter debris. And look what I discovered under those old dried leaves,…

Of course, just a couple of days later, we had several inches of snow that buried my tender sprouts. But it did not last long, or harm my little sproutlettes. In fact, they received some much needed moisture.

 Now, almost three weeks later, take another look at my flower beds.

The crocus have grown and are quickly spreading around the border of the beds. The tulips are also making a statement and have probably doubled in size. 

Springtime can be a challenge in Colorado. The weather starts warming up, tulips, crocus, daffodils come to life with their beautiful colors. Even the trees start growing buds along with my rose bushes and other foliage.  Flowers become brave and begin pushing up through the soil.  Then comes a final blast of winter. Bam!  It doesn’t just snow, the temperature plummets to super freeze zone.   Unless you are lucky enough to have multiple buckets, trash cans and other various containers in your basement, the colors of spring end much too quickly. And the trees, bushes and other growth must start over.

Unusually, my forsythia bloom very little, or not at all. This spring I may have a record blooming season if the snow holds out for a few more weeks. 

However, we are in desperate need of moisture. This winter has been exceptionallly dry, except in the mountains. I would not mind snow, but for some reason winter thinks it needs to make a final statement in the spring and let us know that it can be cruel.   My wish for this spring is for light snow and lots of rain.

Look at this beauty.

A couple a years ago, I found these gorgeous things at one of the local garden centers. I’m not sure what they are. The card in the pot said anemone. But when I search different types of anemones, this particular one never comes up.  They seem quite hardy,  produce more flowers every season and continue to bloom until the end of April. And, I have fallen in love with them. 

What is your springtime looking like?  Are you buried under inches of snow or do you have a few signs of spring?

Blanket Needs a Name

The year is 1985. The setting is a bar in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I am at a bar with a friend,… this story could have a sad ending, but it doesn’t.

I won’t bore you with this story now. I’m saving it for later this year. But a new family was created, and that is why I chose this particular year. It is the year the greyt spouse and I met and married and joined our family of 4 children (2 for each of us) together.

I heard about temperature blanket on a chat group for knitters and thought it would be fun to make.  The idea being that you knit one row per day according to the temperature of that day. It could be for the current year or one of your choosing. You could do the high temperature, low, or the mean temp for that day. Or you could double knit with high on one side and low on the back side. I want simple, so I am using the high temp for each day.  I spent several weeks in January finding the high temperatures, choosing colors, making a temp graph chart, and deciding on a pattern for the blanket.  After hours of decisions I chose: chevron for the blanket pattern, a simple pattern because of the continuous color changes and the colors and temperature ranges of the National Weather Service.

For those of you familiar with the chevron pattern, depending on the pattern you chose, you may have gaps on either side of the increase stitches. The pattern I chose decreased those gaps by purling through the back of the yarn over stitch. However, that did not look right to me either.  When you looked at the front, the left side increase looked smooth and blended naturally. But the right side, just looked like I was doing something wrong. 

So I started experimenting. I came up with two options, which if you are a non-knitter reading this may bore you. So you have my permission to skip past options #1 and #2.

Option #1. On right side. Knit to marker, do a reverse yarn over (back to front), slip marker, knit 1, yarn over, continue pattern. On wrong side, purl to first yarn over, purl through back loop, purl, slip marker, purl next yarn over through front loop, continue with pattern. 

Option #2. Right side. Knit to marker, sm, k1, yo, continue in pattern. On wrong side, purl to 1st yo, ptbl, p1, sm, pick stitch up on left needle from back to front, purl through front loop, continue in pattern. 

Both options make a cleaner look on front side with very little gapping at the increase sites. Also, the right side increase has the correct twist so it looks like it has been done in the correct direction to follow the other stitches. I also noticed that the increases take on the same look as the decreased mitered stitches.

I don’t know if this is a new idea. I searched a few chevron patterns and did not see this. But I am quite proud of myself. My knitting skills seem to be developing more all the time. 

So far, I have completed the month of January and part of February. The months are seperated with black yarn. The day the greyt spouse and I met and married have some iridescent threads mixed in. And since it is a family temperature blanket, our birthdays and the birthdays of our four children will also be highlighted  with iridescent threads.

I have not come up with a good name for this blanket yet. Could you help me out with some suggestions? Thanks in advance.