A Senior Moment and KNITTING CHALLENGE 2018!

I am sitting here reviewing last blog and getting ready to type a new one.  Actually, I did that a several weeks ago! Now, I am revising and rewriting.

Not sure what I did. I thought I had finished the last blog.  Must have been a senior moment. Hoping that I do not have too many of them this coming year. I think it is best to just leave it unfinished and move on to more current stuff.

Almost two years ago, I started knitting with a group of ladies on Wednesdays at my favorite yarn shop. I am very glad I did this. I made new friends and have increased my knitting skills tremendously.  I have learned a greyt deal about different yarns and how to use them. I have  become better at mixing colors and trying new techniques and projects that without this group of ladies I would never imagined that I would be able to do. I credit this group, along with my BKB (best knitting buddy) for the success of most of my projects. (Notice, I said ‘most’)

My last blog and shared a scarf and  a knitted top that I completed after just a couple of weeks into the new year.

883072d2-7f3d-4a2d-8da1-31fd89a647a4.jpegThe green Twisted Tunic was a combination of a couple different patterns, along with my own creativity.  It turned out so well and boosted my confidence to knit more tops.  I now have three tops on my needles, yarn for another along with a brioche shawl, and other assorted WIPs.

Earlier this year I jumped on the ‘Find Your Fade’ bandwagon. Hours were spent finding the right colors and yarns, and conversing with my BKB and other knitting buddies.

This was as far as I got. It then was put into hibernation, along with all WIPs, as I became lost in the forest with my bunny obsession.

While knitting the Twisted Tunic, I started rethinking the Fade and  came to the conclusion that I was not real lying into finding my fade in the context of a shawl. I thought it might be fun to make a top using the fade colors.

So, my search on Ravelry began.  I decided on an Anke Strick pattern called, Ujo. It met my requirements for tunic length, simple lines, easy to knit and using fingering yarns.  I think it would be fun to play with different colors and striping to create a fade or blending of colors.


I frogged the ‘Fade’ shawl and started thinking how I wanted to put my colors together. Some colors were removed and others added.

I had an idea of what I wanted, but also decided to make it up as I went along. After all,  I had  gained a new confidence with my knitting skills. I think, ‘I’m good, I can do this.’


Okay, not looking bad so far. The color in this photo is a bit off, the the pink really brings out the pink in the grey Western Sky Yarn.


Okaaay, I have knitted a lot now. I even finished the sleeves, something that is usually not done until the garment is almost finished. (And if I was smart, I would have waited and not finished the sleeves so early!)

I’m not sure that I am liking the bright pink and share my doubts with my friends on Wednesday Knit Group. (Remember how I praised these ladies earlier?) No one shared my doubts, they ALL thought it was looking greyt and the colors blended well.

So, I continued knittting, . . .


The following week I go back to the Wednesday Knit Group, and again express doubts about a bright fuchsia color across my chest. I event try it on. I am still the only one with doubts. So, I think, ‘okay, it is just me and I continue to complete the top, including the inner pockets. I do like the color contrast to the inside of the pockets, and I how the other colors blended.


It is finally complete, I try it on and, . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . TO BE CONTINUED!

Find out what happens next! I promise to not keep you in suspense too long.

“Oh for Emu’s sake! Can you believe she just left us in suspense?I want to know what happened next!”
OH, FOR EMU’S SAKE! Can you believe she left us in suspense, just like that!”


I have completed a few WIPs recently

WOW! Do these colors remind you of a juicy bowl of fruit, or not. I can just taste some  sweet strawberries, plump blueberries, tart thirst-quenching grapes. Uh, … excuse me while I go raid the fridge for some grapes to munch on.

I started this scarf earlier this summer when I needed something easy for sitting and waiting at the summer concerts. We had to arrive very early in order to get a good place to sit and this scarf was the ticket. I bought the yarn a couple of years ago off the sale rack. It is Fiesta La Boheme. There are to strands of yarn; a bright nubby yarn paired with a fine mohair. Each dyed to match. There was only 165 yards. The pattern for this scarf is from Susan DeBettignies and knitted in a V-shape. I left out the picot border because I was afraid I would not have enough yarn. I was right, there was about 10 inches left after bind off.

We saw some greyt concerts, Jefferson Starship, Kenny Logins,  Foreigner.

My first Hitchhiker, the Midnight Hitchhiker. The yarn is Dragonfly Pixie, the color is firecracker.

Love all the colors. Will definitely have a lot of options to pair this with.
Working on my second Hitchhiker, the Phoenix Hitchhiker. This will be for my daughter in Phoenix.

It reminds of a photo of the the night sky using time lapse. Yarn is Dragonfly Sock.

The Smokey-leaf Saroyan, for my daughter-in-law is about half done. I love anything that has a leafy pattern. She likes anything that has neutral tones. I think we have a match, folks!

This is an elongated, asymmetrical design. The lacey leaf is very easy to do. The yarn is Madelinetosh  Tosh Merino DK and is a super soft yarn.

This last WIP, Lost in Boulder, is my second Let’s Get Lost scarf. It is about three-quarters complete and again the yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light. This is also a super soft yarn and I love working with it.

I Love the blues! I may have to find something for myself using this yarn. I’m sure it will not be hard to do!
All patterns can be found on Ravelry. The notes for my modifications can be found under my projects for ‘frazzldknitter’. 

I am anxious to complete these projects so that I can take on a new challenge.

Knitting socks! ! !